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You Want To Know What?

I get emails asking me questions that I typically answer on a personal level, but this one I thought I'd blog.

Question: Who are you? I am a wife that has been married to the same man since I was 18, a mother of five and grandmother of 8. I feel those are my bragging rights, but me as an individual - I'm a spiritual individual that loves writing, dancing, fitness, fashion, and life in general. I always thought that I could save the world - I'm still working on it.

Question: What are your dislikes? I really hate washing silverware - hate putting it in the dishwasher, and hate putting it away. I dislike bullies no matter what age they are. Don't like rude and pretentious people. Not a fan of drama, don't like disloyal people and I don't like beef.

Question: What do you do for fun? Drink! No, the things I do for fun no one else would classify as fun, but fun for me is crafts, re-decorating, taking pictures, gardening, going to Goodwill and hanging out at home.

Question: What made you blog? Well, I have always had a diary since I was a kid. I journal and write poetry...things you do when you've had a screwed up life. Writing and music has always been my salvation...blogging seemed fitting.

Question: What do you classify as your accomplishments? My children and my marriage. I've passed up some great once in a life time opportunities offered by some amazing people, but my family has always come first. You only get one chance in life for certain memories - I wanted mine to be of my family.

Question: What do you want to do with your life? Help people, save people, feed people, love people, travel and live what's left of my life on a secluded ranch with my husband, a couple of horses, a dog and a John Deer tractor.

Question: What are some things that people don't know about you? Since most of you don't know me I would have an endless list, but here's a few. 1. I'm not that girl that likes getting my nails done or pedicures. 2. I like to shop alone. 3. Truthfully, I hate shopping. 4. If I have to shop, I love resale. 5. I don't like eating out. 6. I hate surprises.

Question: What was your best age? Wow, that's a toss up for me. I loved 18 because I gained my freedom by escaping from my nightmare life... it was like a re-birth for me. But, I think in my 30's I really embraced who I am.

There's more questions, but I'm really not that interesting. Who knows, maybe I'll answer more another time.

Love your Wednesday... make it a happy one!


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