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It's Only 99 Cents!

I was at the 99 Cent store the other day, which by the way is genius. Does anyone every walk out with one item -I spent almost $50.

There's things you would never buy and probably don't need, but who cares... it's only 99 cents. Which brings me to something I found.

They had giant letters and number that are made of wood. How could I pass these up!

I've been working on trying to brighten up my brown room. The walls are venetian plaster so I don't want to paint over them, and for now it's just the playroom/nap room for my granddaughter.

Here's what I did. The color is off since I shot this outside, but I decoupaged them with scrap booking paper that had orange, hot pink, yellow and lime green in stripes, flowers and polka dots. After they dried I sprayed them with clear gloss.

It was an easy and fun project that took 30 minuets or so to do. I was thinking it would be cool to buy the numbers for my address and spray paint them. I'm just not sure if I can go back and walk out with only the numbers.

Happy Saturday!


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