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My Friday Hell Day

I have to thank God for giving me the gift to forget what a 2 year old with a bad case of the terrible 2's was like, or I'd have one child today.

I took my 2 year old granddaughter out shopping and for lunch like I usually do on Fridays. She was bumping to the music as cars passed by, shopped for lipstick like she usually does, and sat and ate her pizza outside of AJ's as usual. She did her hi and bye salutations to those passing by as we enjoyed the sunshine during lunch, but the last stop... the grocery store, she had a melt down.

She didn't want to get in the cart which was fine since I only needed a few items. It was when we were standing in line with the candy displayed at her level that got her. She immediately dropped the toilet paper she was holding and went in for a Milky Way. I put the Milky Way back and said you can have Skittles.. wrong move on my part. She was like the bad witch on Wizard of Oz - her body dropped to the ground and screams filled the air wi…

National I am in Control Day

March 30 is … I Am In Control Day 

                   “You become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

Happy Friday!

Gay or Not

My granddaughter found out yesterday that the new girl at her school has been spreading rumors that she's gay. She isn't, but what if? Are people as ignorant with people being gay as they are with blacks? Also. this goes back to my comment about people thinking they have the right to say and do whatever suits them.

I know this is probably a case of the "mean girl" but I also say it's bullying since she's forming a group of girls to jump on the anti-gay wagon with her. Here's the thing, she's made disparaging comments towards another child in the class that is gay, so obviously there's an issue. We all know that she wasn't born hating, so I say educate yourself so when you produce children you don't raise them to be ignorant and shallow - they grow up to be judgmental and racist adults, and the cycle never ends.

I'm not going to sit here and say I have gay friends because I hate when people say I have black friends. This for me is about…

I'm Talking Patrick Darby

I know you're probably sick of me talking, posting and making videos about The Shutter Release Project. But, I have a bit of OCD when it comes to projects that I'm involved in - I'm going to share some more.

One of our judges is Patrick Darby from Tonic Photo Studios -10,000 sqft production boutique commercial photography studio in Phoenix Arizona, It's a division of R and R Images.

My husband Tom works with Patrick, when he shared with him that The Shutter Release Project is to showcase photographers of all levels, he agreed to take part in it, and we're honored to have him.

Patrick has 14 years experience as a commercial photographer. 8 years experience in management and new business development in the industry. He specializes in food, product and architecture photography.

You can find Tonic Photo Studios on facebook ... take a look at Patrick's work.

The World Needs You

I think we get so busy trying to perfect ourselves that we forget how much value we already have.

I was thinking of all the things that I do for people. I'm not saying they're always monumental things, but I'm always extending myself to people, and I'm confident that I've touched some lives over the years.

In fact, I was thinking about the day that I was sitting in church years ago. The pastor stopped in the middle of his sermon - he said that God had spoke to him and he had a message for someone. It was me! I'm probably slightly skeptical on things like that, but everything that he said was happening in my life, was, except for the ministry of children that he said I would have. Today I have 5 children and 8 grandchildren so that's part of my ministry of children, but it goes way beyond that.                      

I know that my purpose in life involves children. The irony with that is, in college I had my sights set on becoming a social worker, but peop…

The Murray Talk

Murray Shots

Sunday and Monday I decided to do a day of shooting pictures. I guess the photography event (The Shutter Release Project) has me thinking of my favorite hobby. Although I never left the house and my subject was my 2 year old granddaughter for most of the shots, this is a peek of what I took. None of them are edited and it's obvious that I'm not a professional photographer, but I love taking them as well as looking at them.

Foreclosure Again

I read yesterday that the Octomom posed nude because her house was being foreclosed. Wasn't it last year that she had a car wash because her house was being foreclosed?

Apparently she received $10,000 for the shoot, which is what she says she needs to rent a new place. My question is, then what? How about getting a job instead of trying to become a celebrity so you can feed and provide shelter for your 14 kids. And if she can't provide for them, the state needs to step in. Why does she still have these children?

So Nadya, here's a tip. If you were going to strip down anyway, you should of taken Vivid Entertainments offer in 2009 of a $1,000,000 contract instead of the $10,000 you got from the Closer Magazine. That's just smart business.

Some of My Favorites

Going through's some of my favorite. Will share more soon.

To My Friend Denise

Last night when I went to bed I told myself today I would post some pictures that I shot the past couple of days. Since I've been working day and night on The Shutter Release Project, photography is on my mind. But, I woke up at 3 in the morning and started thinking about how you can always tell who your true friends are. I told myself when I started this blog to write about what's on my mind, so here it is.

I asked approximately 20 of my friends for support for this project. It's not as if tickets are $75 a piece, they're $10, or that I'm asking for them to donate $10,000 - I know I'm not on The Apprentice, but I am trying to complete a task within a limited time.              

I had one friend, Denise Germroth, that stepped up to the plate and gave me a donation. She seems to be the one friend that continues to support me and believes in me. The one that wants my visions to become a reality. So here's to my good friend Denise... Thank you for being such …

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Spinach Festival Day

I love spinach so I'm going to embrace Spinach Festival Day, and I'm going to make my holiday Drink Red Wine Day - Cheers!

Hot Spinach-Artichoke Dip

The Shutter Release Project

Great Event...Come Join the fun!

Dear Monday

What is it about Friday? I'm not opposed to Mondays, but I have to admit that I always look forward to my Fridays. I don't cook on Fridays, and now that I don't work outside of the home, I don't do much around the house either. I know, it makes absolutely no sense, but it is what it is. Here's something else you're going to find crazy...I use to listen to this song on Fridays. 
I'm pretty sure I need therapy...Happy Monday!

Pecan and Waffle Day

March 25 is … Pecan Day and Waffle Day.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Pregnant and Rehab

The Jersey Shore is phasing out stars is what I just read. I'm not a fan of the reality show, but I've tuned in here and there, and I actually watched the reunion show the other night.

According to TMZ  Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino are the ones being phased out due to Snooki's pregnancy and The Situation's current rehab situation. At the end of this article there's a poll asking should a pregnant woman and a recovering addict be a part of what they called "the alcohol- heavy" reality show. I'm a little confused with that question, but haven't watched it enough to witness how much alcohol is involved. But, she isn't the first unwed pregnant girl on a reality show... remember Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with baby #2 and still not married. And as for The Situation, also not the first to have a stint with rehab. I think it might be nice to see Snooki pregnant and living life differently, and T…

The Murray Talk

My Facebook.

I know I've talked about how much I hate facebook, but I reactivated it to advertise the Shutter Release Event.
What's so bizarre about facebook to me is that it's like being in the mafia. You delete it, but you're never really gone. The minute I plugged in my old log in information there I was...all my friends, all my post, all my photos - I never really left the family.

So I'm back!

Happy Saturday...make it a good one!

It's Friday

I'm always about positive and inspirational quotes and sayings, but it's Friday and I'm feeling more like something to smile or laugh at. So here's a few quotes that I hope will make you smile. 
Happy Friday!

Don't Wear Your Pajamas

Okay, now that I'm finished sharing with you all the information on the event, let me blog about me.

I have always been opposed to people wearing pajamas out in public if they're over the age of 5... not pretty, not a fashion statement. But, last night as I was ready for bed, and not looking pretty by the way. I had an old peace t-shirt on from when I had my boutique, and pajama bottoms that are about 6 years old. As I said, not pretty, but I was comfy. Anyway, my phone rings and it's my 21 year old son wanting me to pick him up. I debated if I should get dressed, but against my better judgement I threw on a hat, sweater and slippers. I figured, who's going to see me. That's where I went wrong. My car was beyond empty so I knew I was going to have to stop. I'm looking at every gas station that I pass in hopes that there's one with no people at the pumps before I run out of gas. Finally, I find a Circle K with people in the store, but no one at the gas pumps…

My Video

National Goof-Off Day

March 22 is … National Goof-off Day. It's another one of those national holidays that I can't find information on who created it. I found mention of John Reh as the inventor, but the more I researched and from what I found, it looks like he just wrote about the day regarding a survey that he had done on goofing off.

I would think it would of been someone like Walt Disney. But, who cares who invented it...I say Celebrate it!

Happy goofing off!

The Shutter Release

I want to thank everyone that has donated and also those that have signed up to participate in The Shutter Release Project. We appreciate your interest, generosity and thoughtfulness.

I want everyone to know that if you have a passion for photography this event is for you. We're not looking for just a room full of professional photographers - all levels are encouraged to partake in this event.
I had a photography teacher in college that shoots professionally share that he's seen amazing photography come from a disposable camera... it's in the eye, seeing something in a new way and presenting it differently. I believe that. So if you have a passion for photography or know someone that does - come showcase your photography at The Shutter Release Project.

"We are always looking for reasons for not taking good pictures. Cartier-Bresson used film camera, same lens, no flash, same shutter speed – he didn’t need the newest digital equipment to take …

National Fragrance Day

March 21 is … Fragrance Day. I couldn't find the creator, or the origin of this day. Maybe the perfume industry created this special day.

Can You Sing

I waited awhile to blog about this, I guess just out of respect for Whitney Houston. But I was at a club the weekend of her death. I was sitting with two friends when this cowboy guy came up to me and asked if I was a big fan of Whitney Houston. Before I answered the question I was thinking, why - is it because I am the only black female in your vicinity. Anyway, I answered the question with yes, I loved her, were you a fan? He said not really, and proceeded to share with me his philosophy on having a last high. He then leaned towards me and with a huge grin he whispered, "Can you sing?" No, I replied. "Are you sure?" Oh absolutely I'm sure. He looked puzzled and said, "Can you carry a tune?" Nope, can't carry a tune. "Come on, sure you can, sing something," he said.

Are you kidding me...what is it with people. Apparently all black people can sing, just like all cowboys chew tobacco. I honestly think he expected me to stand up and belt o…

Happy Place

I'm always on I found Things To Be Happy About while I was on it.

I'm happy someone is posting daily things to be happy about - there's always something for us to embrace and be thankful for, and those things should bring us happiness.

As for me, before my feet hit the floor in the morning I'm thanking God for blessing me with another day, thankful for friends, family, health, shelter, food - for a body that functions and a mind that works. Being blessed with these things that are often taken for granted create happiness for me.                                                                

I believe everyone has happiness and should find their happy. I personally don't think what makes people happy is based on material items or success. I feel it's your outlook on life, faith, and the quality of your relationships with the people that you have in your life. I also know that no one person is happy all of the time. I have my days when a memory h…


Eric and I are excited to say that we have had great response to The Shutter Release Project.
If you're a photographer register before March 26th to receive $20 off the registration fee. Discounts for vendors too!

Images By Eric

Here's another look at some of Eric's photography.


I Believe... Two people can look at the exact same  Thing and see something totally different.  I Believe.. That your life can be changed  in a matter of hours  by people who don't even know you.  I Believe.. That even when you think  you have no more to give,  When a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.  I Believe.. That credentials on the wall  do not make you a decent human being.  I Believe... That the people you care about  most in life are taken from you too soon.
 The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything;  They just make the most of everything they have.
Finally we come to an end of the I Believe quotes. Thank you to my neighbor Sue for emailing it to me. 
Happy Monday!