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I wrote yesterday on how I go to Vegas to get a goodnight sleep. Today I want to share with you what it's like to try and sleep in my house.

My home only has 4 bedrooms and they're fairly close to one another, so for a light sleeper like myself you tend to hear every little sound. So lets begin with my room. I have a 14 year old Pekingese that has always suffered from depression when I leave. I get home yesterday from two days of being away and learn that she hasn't eaten, can't walk, and she's staring at me with those I just want to die eyes. I know her game so I acknowledge her, comfort her, and I'm off to do other things. But my husband is thinking that she really is going to die and actually states that she needs to be in hospice. He attempts to feed her and does her usual routine of putting her on our bed until 9:30 pm. Not tonight! She gets to sleep in our bed all night. Let me remind you - she's 14, so weird sounds come out of her, and she has missi…

Vegas Fun...

I believe most people go to Vegas to gamble and party, but for me I go mainly to have a good night sleep along with a little gambling. I'm really not a Vegas kind of girl, but The Cosmopolitan continues to comp rooms for me so I continue to go.In fact, as soon as we got home there's an email from them offering two free nights for June or July.( I think we need to quit using our player card) It's not that I don't appreciate the offers, it's just not a place that I can frequent every month. We had one of their Terrace Suites on the 69th floor this time with a beautiful view of the city. I decided I could probably be happy and content living in a little high rise overlooking a city, but not in Vegas.

As usual I had my typical bad experience with food. I don't eat out much so maybe that's part of the problem, but I didn't have one good meal that I can brag about. All of the reviews for the Wicke…

Do I Really Want To Know...

I've been busy doing my thing in life when suddenly the urge to find out information regarding what percentage of Indian I am and what tribe I came from was consuming my thoughts. I know very little about my family history and never had too much interest in it, but lately its been on my mind along with some interesting events that tie in with it all.

I called a lab in Tempe a few weeks ago for testing - that weekend I received a call from my cousin in DC. He started the conversation by telling me family last names that I wasn't aware of, and asked if I knew that my grandmother on my fathers side was part Indian. I thought his timing was a bit interesting so I spoke to my niece about it - we both came to the conclusion that God has a plan. What the plan is I haven't figured out yet, but I definitely believe it's His doing. Furthermore, on Tuesday this week I received a phone call from my sister in LA. Its probably been 12 years since we spoke so the call was definitely…

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9th. It's a time to acknowledge and give thanks to our teachers. As we all know teachers have a big influence on our children - beginning with our preschoolers. I feel that many of us forget how fortunate and blessed we are to have a good teacher in the lives of our children. I for one have been blessed for many years with an amazing preschool teacher. Denise Germroth (Homespun) has blessed my children and my grandchildren for 25 years. She goes beyond the academics that they need for kindergarten- they also learn kindness and love through Denise's wonderful bible based teaching and her love for children. I am overjoyed that she has touched their lives and left lifetime memories with each of them. Happy Teacher Appreciation Denise! You're the best...I appreciate all that you do to bless the lives of our little ones.
Take time this week to remember that special teacher in your life.
"A good teacher is …

My Ministry

In 1989 I was sitting in a church in Scottsdale, AZ  when in the middle of service the pastor stopped and said, "God has a message for someone in here today." It was me! He had several messages for me that morning, but the one that I have always held on to is that I was going to have a ministry of children. For many years I questioned what that meant since my plan for my life wasn't about having a ministry of children. Honestly, I fought with the idea of staying home with my grandchildren and had struggled with the feeling that I was becoming my mother, but over the years I decided that I needed to just accept Gods plan for me. So yesterday a new addition was added to my ministry of children and to our family - grandchild number 9 blessed our family with his entrance into our world. "Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day."  -Taylor Hanson

God is good!

Have a blessed kind!