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When I saw this I thought what a perfect gift for my husband. You see he bought me a television for the bedroom years ago and hung it on the wall before most people were hanging them on the wall. Of course with the TV came a remote - so it's my remote, right?  Really the only time he touches it is when I lose it - (which I do daily) he seems to be the one that always finds it so I think wrapping the remote and letting him use it for a day with some candy attached is perfect! I hope I can actually give it up for a day - he's not a fan of Bravo or HGTV. Also, I came across this cake which is pretty much the same recipe as my Texas Sheet Cake. I just never thought of baking it in my cast iron skillet and digging the center out to fill with ice cream... yum! We're all a fan of chocolate so this might make the Father's Day dessert list. Yesterday I put a cheesecake recipe up that he said he wanted - why not just sweets for his special day - I'm game!

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.  ~Bill Cosby
Do they still make soap on a rope? Happy Wednesday... Enjoy! 

P.S. The dress sewing that my granddaughters have been experimenting with is still in progress... pictures coming soon!


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