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It's been awhile since I've written, but lately writing seems to be consuming my thoughts.

I guess the only reason I quit doing it on a daily basis is because my family life was slowing stealing my thought process.

I shared many times about living with an addict and how it begins to strip you of simple things...such as sleep, I wasn't falling asleep at night until he was asleep. I would sleep very light hearing every sound that came from his room. It was like having a new born in the house once again.

During his waking hours I felt like I was living as a prisoner in my own home... dead bolts on every door so he couldn't enter our bedrooms or go into the garage. We had enough of our things pawned in the past - trust hadn't been rebuilt at this point. We felt locking things up was our only option. At times I would think how sad he must feel to live in a home where you have to ask permission to use things that should just be available. I would think to myself it'…