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I hear it, see it in quotes daily, and I preach it - everyone is fighting a battle so show kindness, compassion, and don't judge others. But yesterday was one of those days that the battles of others became my battle, and I wasn't very respectful. I didn't have compassion for the adults involved, and there was some judgment on my part since it's a reoccurring situation that has been happening for too many years.

As the day went on I questioned my behavior because it wasn't fair to the person that I exploded on because she was emotionally hurting, but I was hurting as well because my grandchildren are the recipients of this storm. It stirs up a basket full of emotions for me because I was that child; going through life weathering the storm. I never knew if it would be a day of sunshine and birds chirping, or a thunderstorm that makes you hide under the covers and shiver. It's not the way life should be lived, so I work on doing what ever I can to create the sun…

Just Say Thank You

I'm not sure at what age I learned to appreciate and acknowledge what others do for me; but as an adult it is something that I always practice.
People have their own lives to manage, and we're all busy juggling what life throws at us unexpectedly, so the fact that someone takes the time to do kind and thoughtful things for me cannot go without acknowledgement as far as I'm concerned. I'm talking about a simple thank you that can now be sent through a text. I'm probably one of the rare breeds that loves to send cards, so I don't have that expectation from others. I'm sure most of you are saying that I shouldn't have any expectations, but I do. I believe in the words thank you, and it is the two words that we are taught as toddlers. We hand them something and almost immediately we ask, now what do you say, and they mutter thank you. So from this day forward I will say, now what do you say, to those that have forgotten that lesson. Furthermore, I call bul…

Got It Off My Chest

I'm going to vent today.

Last night I was on a break talking to a co-worker when I took a look at Facebook for a quick minute. What I was seeing made me think about the people that I have as friends on this social network. First of all let's be honest - most of us are not real friends. I truly have a handful of people that really know me.(family not included) I'm noticing that some that I have accepted as friends aren't really my cup of tea. For example, don't threaten that you're going to delete everyone that doesn't agree with you politically, and I see that I'm still your friend. Now I'm thinking you're a liar. Furthermore, does anyone have their own thoughts anymore? My real friends know that I'm not political - I'm about right and wrong. They also know that I don't agree just to agree - if you're my friend you respect that. I don't believe that it's acceptable to make rude and disparaging remarks about human beings,…

Friendship Day

HAPPY NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY! Those that know me well know that I'm not big on all of these designated days, unless of course it's National Wine Day; but friendship was already on my mind before I realized what day it was.

I have a small circle of friends because my friendships are extremely important to me. I value them and I never take the relationship for granted. I know that my friends are one of God's many blessings to me - I'm grateful for each and everyone of them.

Here's what being my friend boils down to:

There's certain expectations that I have with my friends - unspoken but known. Such as trust & honesty. I want to be able to share my life, both good and bad without worry of it being repeated. I want them to be honest with me regardless if I want to hear it or accept it. If I messed up tell me, because I'm sure going to tell you.
I hate being too serious - I love having random conversations that make me laugh.
I have a sense of humor that n…
I woke up thinking about addiction this morning. It's something that always lays heavy on my heart, partially because there's addiction in my family, but also because so many are losing their life to this battle. It is a battle! I know there's a lot of judgment when it comes to this topic, and I also know that there's very little conversation taking place.

I read a lot of blogs and articles on addiction - from those in recovery,  families that are living with addiction, and from those that have lost loved ones due to addiction. It can no longer be a family secret - the silence needs to end.

 I came across a video from Rockers In Recovery that was made for Fighting the Silence. Great message - hope you'll take the time to watch.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Peace, Love, & Hugs!

Happy Thoughts

I have trained myself over the years to disconnect or detach myself from situations that cause me to feel overwhelmed because it steals my peace. I over think, obsess, and lose sleep because I can't clear my mind. I replay it over and over with different scenarios of how it should have or could have been. It's definitely not a place where I like to be; but our minds are constantly filled with thoughts, and unfortunately some that are  troublesome. From negative thoughts to visions of terrifying things that may happen. By the way, the terrifying horrible things seldom happen, and a thought is just a thought.
 But as we all know situations occur in life that cause us to go to an emotional place that plays with our mind.  For example, I was having positive thoughts about an individual that I believed was making good choices and achieving great progress. But a conversation with a third party led my thoughts in a different direction. It broke my heart to think it was true, but my …