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We All Need A Hero

Yesterday I had a photo shoot at my house with Sara, owner of Ser'en-dip'i-te.

We were talking about how we met and how we both are believers in divine intervention. I have always believed that there are no coincidences in life...just God's plan.

Later that afternoon I had a meeting with approximately 20 women. As I sat listening to introductions I started thinking about my conversation with Sara, and how Lynn came into my life.(her meeting and her foundation) When I stood to introduce myself I mentioned how I met Lynn through her brother Michael. Lynn stood and told the story of Michael's accident - how he had been bullied from childhood thru adulthood. She went on to say that he never had any real friends, but one day he was talking about his friend Carolyn, and kept talking about his friend Carolyn . She said, " I finally asked, who is this Carolyn lady?"  She looked at me and said, "thank you - you're my hero."

Michael was hit by a car when he was 10 years old, he's now in his 30's. He has brain damage from the accident - people prejudge when they see him.                                                                  

I met Michael at FatCat Dance Studio a few years ago. He was taking a dance class while I was doing Zumba.  I saw him watching the class so I walked over to him and told him to give it a try. As hesitant as he was he came the following night. I noticed that people kept their distance from him, employees of FatCat picked on him, and  friends of mine were telling me not to talk to him.( Funny, none of them are in my life today.) Well, I've never been good at going along with the crowd, and I had no reason not to talk to him. As a result, Michael and I have become good friends, and I know he's the one friend that I can always count on.

Lynn, Michael's sister has started a foundation with a group of  women that are fighting for change. I am happy to be a part of  it. I met some amazing women that have experienced bullying with their children, had a child commit suicide, have children with Autism, inter-racial children, and so forth. Each of us are passionate women from all walks of life with a story to tell and a voice to be heard.                                                                      

We're going to schools talking to kids about acceptance and differences, bullying and judging. Our mission is to Inspire, Create Self-esteem and Prepare children and young adults to create a future that is Braver and Kinder, with each one finding their special gift to make a difference."

“Every child needs a champion.” 
― Hillary Rodham Clinton


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