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So what did you think of Penn being fired last night on Celebrity Apprentice? “I can tell you the rules of chess, but I can’t tell you the rules of Celebrity Apprentice. That’s what’s beautiful about it.” – Penn Jillette

The teams were tasked with creating a display and slogan for Trump’s new fragrance - Success. Penn was fired for coming up with his team’s slogan, “You Earned it”

I don't have much to say about last nights Apprentice- personally I thought it was boring and uneventful. As much as I can't stand Lisa Lampanelli and her crazy outbursts, at least it adds some fire to the show. I thought for a minute that Arsenio Hall was going to give me something when he tried taking credit for the slogan and Aubrey was quick to correct him, but he was a man of few words as he nodded with his goofy cheesy grin. So, I'm hoping next week will have more to offer.                                                                                                                

Arsenio Hall, Aubrey O’Day, Teresa Giudice, Lisa Lampanelli, Dayana Mendoza, and Clay Aiken...Who's going next?


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Never feel that you're not good enough or that you have to live up to an image that's created by others. We can't allow ourselves to buy into the lies that are placed upon us through society, family, and friends.Yes, friends and family are on the list. Sometimes the people that we love damage our self-esteem and break our spirit. Remember our mind cannot differentiate what is truth and what is a lie - the lies will become your truth. The truth is you're a custom design created by God...You are beautiful!

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