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What's Quiet

I sat down at my computer last night to blog since I couldn't handle watching The Voice or The The Housewives of Atlanta. I love The Voice but this season isn't doing it for me, and I've been a Housewives fan since creation, but the Housewives of Atlanta was off my list since it started up again. It only took a few minutes of listening and looking at those caddy judgemental grown ass women acting like their still in high school to reaffirm why I had stopped watching . The only one that is tolerable is Kim Zolciak, and honestly, I don't know how she does it - they are some crazy black women.                              

Anyway, I figured my 2 year old granddaughter is gone, everyone is in different areas of my house, it's nice and quiet so I can actually think - Wrong!

First I have my 12 year old granddaughter plop on the exercise ball beside me playing with ice and her straw in a plastic cup while telling me a story. Next there's issues in the courtyard about the hookah which immediately turns to boyfriend/girlfriend drama that I'm stuck listening to. Then my daughter walks in to pick up my granddaughter and wants to know what's going on outside and how to make scallop potatoes and ham. The hookah gathering is relocating so car doors are slamming and cars are speeding out of the neighborhood as my  daughter is screaming at her boyfriend... he leaves. She is now screaming for my car keys so she can chase the boyfriend, and I'm screaming,  "You need therapy!"                

All I wanted to do is sit and enjoy my quiet - is that too much to ask?                                                              

Remember the Huxtable's and the episode when Claire got her sound proof room with a secret code to open the door? I want one ASAP!                                                                                             

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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