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I always look forward to my Fridays - I don't cook on Fridays and I barely clean the house - it's my be lazy day.

This evening we're taking the twins out for their birthday - love the one on one dinners because we get to catch up on what's happening in their world.                                                                                                                                                                                  

I know being a teen in 2012 is extremely different from being a teen in the 70's. I'm part of an anti - bullying group that goes into schools and talks to kids about accepting differences and standing up for their peers... school is a tough place to be now days. One of my grandchildren that's in 6th grade was sharing with me the other day about some boys at her school playing basketball during lunch and one getting mad when his team lost. She said he started yelling at one of the kids saying that he's the reason that …
Lately I've been so busy praying and thanking God for hearing and answering my prayers - I feel like I've lost sight of some of the struggles that my friends are going through.

I have three friends that I met in 1989 when I came to Phoenix. Each of them are spiritual women that have been instrumental in my life. I'm extremely close to one so I know what's happening in her world - the other two, not so much. But within the past week I've had contact with each of them, and each of them have stuff that they're going through. I felt self - absorbed after my conversations with them - I believe that was Gods message to me.

We're all going through something, we all have stuff we need to deal with and get through, and we all need someone praying for us. I had a recent conversation with my friend that is going through some drug issues with her son about prayer. We talked about how exhausted and beaten up you feel when you're dealing with an addict and all you …
Yesterday was the Military Service for Tom's father at The National Memorial Cemetery.

The service consisted of firing of volley shots as a salute, the playing of taps, flag folding and flag presentation. 

 Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.
~Author Unknown

 Have a blessed Wednesday!

Happy Birthday Allie & Brad

Today two of my grandchildren, the twins are 13 years old... Happy Birthday Allie and Brad!
It's hard to believe that I have grandchildren that are teenagers. They're great kids - focused in school, busy with their extra curricular activities, and a great big sister and brother. 
It doesn't seem like that many years have passed. I still have great memories of them as new borns - they were the perfect snuggling size. As they grew Brad still wanted me to sit and hold him all day, and I did. I asked Tiffanie how she got anything done holding him.                                                          She said, " I don't hold him all day." But I still did. I spent most of my time with Allie pulling vegetables out of her nose. Great times - loved every minute!
We've had a lot of great times growing up together, and I hope to have many more as they venture into their new world of being a teen.
I'm so glad you were born - you brighten my life and fill it …
This image reminded me of a conversation I had this weekend with my husband. We seem to always have invites to go on vacations to places we haven't been, but we always have a handful of reasons why we can't go. Although we did take advantage of our San Francisco invite a year ago - happy that we did, loved it!  It's now my new favorite place on my list of places to live since my plan is to get out of Phoenix in the near future.

So after this past weekend I told Tom we're going to take advantage of our invitations to travel - we need to get out and live life before we can't get up to get out. I guess you really don't realize how quickly the years go by until you experience a loss.                                                                                  

I hope everyone is prepared for my visits beginning in a few weeks. (starting with Flagstaff Erin)

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. Lillian Dickson

I was in Tucson Friday and Saturday for my father in laws service.
It was a weekend of reuniting with family and friends as we shared stories and said our goodbyes to Thomas D. Murray.
We all gathered at the house on Friday after the Rosary and had his famous vodka and sprite with a twist of lime. My niece made him a glass and set it by his urn which we placed by the desserts. It was an evening of food and laughter  - I believe that was just what he wanted. 
Later in the evening the guys pulled out his set of poker chips and cards and played poker while others looked through his scrapbook and reflected on his life. Some gathered down stairs and shot pool - the kids played outside with his paddle ball invention that he made years ago. In fact, he even made the paddle. It amazing how creative he was. Teri (my sister in law) shared with me that he made the swim blocks when they were young and on the swim team - he also made his own ab roller out of a lawn mower wheel before Ab Rollers w…

Thomas Darwin Murray Obituary: View Thomas Murray's Obituary by Arizona Daily Star

Thomas Darwin Murray Obituary: View Thomas Murray's Obituary by Arizona Daily Star

Today I pray for strength and comfort for all of the Murray Family.

Tom's mother had an ER visit a few days ago because her her blood pressure was high due to stress.                                                                                                                                                    

Today and tomorrow won't be easy for her. Not that it's going to be easy for any of the family, but she spent 56 years of her life being a homemaker and taking care of her husband - which she continued to do through the end.

Losing a spouse is a devastating and life-altering experience - she needs to be supported during the grieving process and needs people around her. Thankfully she has family and friends that will comfort and keep her busy during this difficult time. All my love and prayers go out to her.

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essen…
Yesterday I received a text message from a friend saying that she was having a bad day and she just wanted to sit in a dark closet and cry.

After a few texts back and forth I finally said, "Snap out of it! I'm sure Tom's dad and your uncle (deceased) would love to have a bad day."  I told her there's always someone going through something much worse - you need to be thankful for what you're blessed with each day. You can't let the devil have authority over your life.

After the texting ceased I starting feeling like I was too harsh, but it's what I believe and how I live my life. We all have bad days, but it's what you do with those days that matter.

She called on her way home from work and sounded great. I said, "It sounds like you're feeling much better."

She said she was feeling a lot better and decided to just let it all go and not think about what was bothering her. I told it's National Angel Day and I was just being an Angel…
Today is National Be An Angel Day.

Be an Angel day is a non-profit and a non –denominational day celebrated on August 22 every year. The objective of this day is to be of service like an angel and perform divinely inspired acts of service for others.

We are encouraged to be Gods servant and do good things for others. This is a perfect day to deliver messages of hope, love, peace, and faith.

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Yesterday at 7:06pm my husband received a text from his brother that his father had passed away.
It's been 2 weeks of waiting and wondering - when the nurse checked on him Sunday morning she thought she'd be back that evening, but he was a fighter.

My niece Alicia sent us all a message a couple of days ago asking each of us to share our best memory of her Grandfather, my father in law. As I sat thinking of what mine would be I realized I had nothing but good memories. He was always kind to me I told her, and I loved how he really listened to what everyone had to say. Not once do I remember him interrupting during a conversation or pushing his opinion on anyone. He always greeted me at the door with a smile and hug that was genuine, and when we left he always opened my car door - a true gentleman.

I was 18 when I first met Mr. Murray and I hadn't experienced an adult male that had a positive influence on me. All I knew was rage and abuse - I was in awe with his demeanor, at…
My husband's plan was to come home Sunday, but after talking to the nurse he was torn on what to do. He misses his family and home, but he also wanted to be with his father through the end.

We've been together since we were 18 and the longest that we've been apart is when he went to Washington, DC this year for 5 days... we're not very good at living separate lives. It's funny how you have routines that you don't even realize. Such as, him waking up early and putting the dogs out at 5:30. (Who got them on that schedule?) I tried pushing them back to 6:30 but woke up to the gift of poop - You would think they'd appreciate an extra hour of sleep, but no! Also, he has always made me a cup of coffee every morning and put it on my night stand a few minutes before I wake up. I had to motivate myself to brew a pot much less pour myself a cup. I know it's silly little things, but it's our thing. I also found that having a glass a wine in the evening alone i…
I was curious on how long a person can survive without food and water since we have Tom's father going on 2 weeks and he's still hanging in there.

Of course I went to the only source that I have - Google.                                                                

What I read is that second to oxygen water is the most important compound that the human body needs for survival. However, the amount of water needed depends on different conditions such as your physical activity and climate. As for food there's variables as well which can shorten or lengthen the time, but the amount of time a human can go without food based on information from medical doctors is no longer than four to six weeks - if there is a shortage of both food and water, the person will not survive more than 10 days.

It's interesting, but not exactly accurate in this case.

Have a blessed Sunday!

I'm mentally exhausted from the week so today's plan is to fast and pray. I think the daily waiting and not knowing with my father- in- law has fried my brain a bit. 
The funeral is scheduled, hotel reservations have been made and he's still hanging on. You know the first thing I learned when I was a baby Christian is that God's time isn't the same as our time. We tend to always want things when we want it, but God has his own agenda. 
I just pray that he will pass peacefully in his sleep with no pain or suffering.
Have an awesome Saturday and love life - you only get one shot at it... color it beautiful!


Came across some random pictures of my father in law that I thought I'd share. I plan on going through my many shoe boxes of pictures when time permits.
My husband always has a chore list when we visit... His dad giving him a hand.

We were in Tucson for my niece's wedding and stopped by my in laws afterwards so my son could pick up the car he was buying from them...snapped a quick pic of him with 4 of the Great grand kids.

I'm guessing this one was taken on Easter or the month of Easter since there's a basket with a bunny on the coffee table.

Still trying to help with the chores.
My two with Grandpa many years ago
Maddie and Great Grandpa
Five Grandchildren and Five Great Grandchildren in this picture
Tom doing his dad's hair
Lunch time...digging in the pickle jar!

“Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sure is what is right here right now. Don’t miss it. ” Leo Buscaglia (1924-1998); Author, Professor