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Puppets and Improv

As you all know by now I have been a fan of The Apprentice since its birth.

The one's that have survived Celebrity Apprentice so far are Lisa Lampanelli,  Dayana Mendoza, Teresa Giudice, Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall, Aubrey O'Day, and Penn Jillette.

Paul Teutul, Sr was fired last night which I think he was thankful for. He was the task manager and was truly uninterested and unmotivated through the entire task. Most shots of Paul was of him sitting and yawning. He left when fired with dignity - entered the elevator and drove off with the driver like all the rest. Now wouldn't you have wanted to see him ride off on one of his choppers?

After we all thought from last week that Lisa and Dayana had kissed and made up it was back to Lisa doing her thing when it comes to Dayana.When Clay suggested giving Dayana something to do on stage Lisa flipped out telling Dayana, “How about this?” Lisa yelled. “Do whatever the f--- you want! You know what? You’re a f---ing pain in the ass. I had to kind of create out of my ass yesterday something for you to do.”

I haven't decided if Lisa just hates beautiful women,Venezuelan models, or women that have an accent in general. The only female that she seems to be able to tolerate is Aubrey O'day. But, Lisa didn't through Dayana under the bus this time in the board room. She said if they lost she would probably bring herself in. She even shed some tears and went on to say that she didn't get in to the business of making girls cry. Apparently she's just playing the part of a mean girl.

Anyway, loved the task of puppets and improv.                                                                                      

The Jim Henson Company "Stuffed and Unstrung" adult puppets.


  1. In my opinion, Lisa and Aubrey are both bullies mirroring a Nellie Olson character, with their dishing it out, but can't take it...histionics. Both manipulators found in each other energy to validate the other's cruel behavior.
    Have you noticed that both of them never miss an opportunity to verbally assault any and every other person on the teams, excect themselves? In contrast their self speak is only narcissistic.

    My hopes are that Dayana will be left standing, after both Lisa and Aubrey ago down in flames, after a firing from The Donald.

    May this "Gruesome Twosome" and the worst representation of the American woman, have their careers forever extinguished.

    Loating of your fellow man and self love are not the attibutes anyone in their right mind wishes for.

    And perheps, Lisa and Aubrey should make their next television staring role in The Biggest Losers.

  2. I agree Bea, both Lisa and Aubrey are bullies that each week focus on finding someone to attack.

    I would love to see Dayana win. She should win just for remaining strong and composed after being attacked each week.


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