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I left early this morning to get some shopping done, and I have to be honest - not ready to be sold on Christmas  I know it's the way retail works - I put many years into that industry, but I truly hate how overly commercialized Christmas is. They brainwash people and kids into thinking they have to have the newest and best of everything, and most people buy into the lie.  But what about the kids that their parents can't fall into the trap because financially they just can't do it. Are they made fun of or shunned by their peers because they don't have the newest clothes, gadgets, or toys?  Do they feel inferior or not worthy enough to receive - according to the advertisers you have to have it. It's not fair or right and I hate it!                                                              

I think we all need to just take a step back into reality and remember why we celebrate Christmas, and I probably should stay away from stores.

Have an awesome Saturday!


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