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It's My 35th

Today my husband and I have been married for 35 years.
I was thinking last night about all the joy and sorrow that has crossed my path over the past 35 years.
I typically don't reflect on the past too much unless something triggers a memory, which obviously my anniversary triggered me thinking of the birth of my 3 children in Tucson, moving to Phoenix, adopting my son and getting pregnant during the adoption process. I can't help but think of how we were two 18 year old kids that fell in love and never thought about all of the obstacles that would cross our paths along the way. We just continued to do what we had always done - work hard and love hard. While most people work on becoming rich, having a title, the best car, biggest home, etc., I work for my family. There isn't a bank account large enough or a material item meaningful enough to me to sacrifice my family.

Over the past 35 years I have also experienced some losses - lost both of my parents, some of my sisters a…

6th Grade Grads

6th Grade Graduation Day for my grandchildren this morning. 
They have been at the same school together since kindergarten and will now move up together to middle school - I think that's awesome!
They are not only cousins they are best friends - prayfully their close connection will carry them through the next 6 years of school and continue as they go their separate ways to college. I am so blessed to have such great grandchildren - proud of each one!

Congratulations Graduates!


I told myself when I started this blog that I would write about whatever is on my mind.

Several things happened over the weekend that drained me both mentally and physically, but plenty of sleep on Sunday has managed to rejuvenate my body and my mind.

We all have stuff going on in our lives, but sometimes I feel God sends it to me as a storm versus a few raindrops. For example, I sat Saturday in a huge family group with some very wounded people that drained me mentally - found out Sunday morning that no one had seen or had contact with my son that was working at a National Park in California. So my Sunday consisted of 6 people on phones and computers trying to get some information from someone.

 I did a lot of praying over the weekend and God revealed a lot to me. I made several decisions yesterday that involved some people in my life, but I'm faithful and obedient when it comes to God speaking to me - I know it's all going to work out.

Today, I woke up thinking about what I&#…

Memorial Day Tribute Video

Human Statue of Liberty

Memorial Day commemorates all Americans, who have died in military service for the United States. This photo is a human statue of the Statue of Liberty with 18,000 men preparing for war in 1918 at Camp Dodge Des Monies, IA - Amazing!

Before you light the grill and hit the pool take a moment to remember what this day is. Happy Memorial Day - make it a safe one!

Shutter Release Success

It was a Huge Success!

Last night after months of planning and at times very little sleep we unveiled
all of our hard work.... The Shutter Release gave everything promised.
We announced and presented our 1st winner of our $1000 grand prize , 19 year old Jearvin Bosi . He shoots 35mm and develops his own photos in his dark room. It seemed that Jearvin was predestined to win. I was walking the streets of downtown Phoenix on First Friday handing out fliers - working on recruiting photographers when I walked in a tiny coffee house and pinned my flyer on their board. Something led me to turn around, and as I did I saw Jearvin reading the flyer. I walked back asking him if he was a photographer. "Yes", he replied, and the rest is history. His work is truly amazing and I can't wait to see what's to come. Congratulations Jearvin!
We had amazing photographers with beautiful and creative images which made it difficult for the judges to make a decision.������������������������…

Nails and Sleep

It is finally here! I feel like I've been working on The Shutter Release Project forever, but today is the day and I'm exhausted from sleep deprivation.

Yesterday my computer with the guest list crashed and my husband was in Tucson, so I had to wait for him to get home to get it going for me - I crawled in bed way too late.                                                    

I've never been a girl that gets her nails done so two of my daughters bought me Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips for Mother's Day. I had already done my toes with one set and it was a piece of cake ... love them! I had my daughter put the other set on my nails before bed last night - she's being a perfectionist putting them on and peeling them off, so now the damn things won't stick. I putting tons of top coat on so they make it through the night - of course when you have wet nails you have to pee - am I right? Let's just say the task of peeing and getting ready for bed w…

National Wine Day

Today is International Geek Pride Day, National Tap Dance Day & National Wine Day.

Those of you that know me well know that I'm doing my happy dance because It's National Wine Day! And in honor of National Tap Dance Day I did a wee bit of the old Soft Shoe with my happy dance for wine day... Cheers!

Mullets Everywhere

I have mind full of thoughts this morning but lets just talk about the mullet dress.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to the mullet. In fact, I had a mullet along with my oldest daughter back in the day, and yes I do own a few casual mullet dresses, but enough is enough with this style. I'm out dress shopping for my event and I'm ready to OD because that's all I see.

I decided to ask ChaCha when the mullet dress was designed - are you ready for this?  The modern mullet was made popular in the United States in the early 1980's.-ChaCha on!

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."  -Henry David Thoreau
Happy Friday... make the best of your most!

Don't Give Up

This is a very true statement - made me think about Eric and I with the Shutter Release Project. I don't particularly like the image - I don't consider money success, but I agree with the quote.

The event is this Saturday and I have to say in advance, We Did It! We did it in spite of all the stumbling blocks and all the people trying to discredit it and us.                                                                              

We had a Dream and a Goal, and with hard work and sleepless nights, we achieved it. So, the moral to this story is never give up - you know that though, so just do it!

Have a happy happy Thursday!!!!

In My Day (McDonald's)

My husband saw this last night and said it reminded him of me... true, exactly what I would be doing. I want to know why I wasn't at that casting call.

Enjoy your's National Lucky Penny Day & World Turtle Day!

Hospice & Treatment

Hospice and Treatment are consuming my mind at the moment.

My husband received an email from his sister yesterday saying that hospice would be going to his parents home beginning today for his father. We all knew in our hearts that he wasn't getting better, but Hospice - my husband and I weren't prepared for that - at least I wasn't.
Last night we dropped my daughter off for treatment for a minimum of 28 days. It was one of the most difficult things I have done as a parent. I'm proud of her - I know how hard it was for her to walk in that door and not turn around and walk out. She has struggled for a long time, so this is going to be a good thing for her and everyone involved.

As for me, my head is full of mixed emotions - it's just too much. But, I don't let anything keep me down, I can't, or some one would end up having to work hard on getting me to function again... I know that about me. When my mother passed away I told myself I had one day to lie in be…


Life is full of ups and downs and lately I have been hit hard with the downs.

I know I was having a pity party last week about no car and all the crap that I need to do to fix my house, but I'm dealing with real issues today. I'm not a materialistic person anyway, but there was some frustration on my part that came from not being able to get from point A to point B, but God has made sure that I'm back on track.

I picked up one of my adult children yesterday evening and stayed awake most of the night trying to find a treatment center that she could go to that didn't require 10, 000 up front. I understand now why it's difficult for the average person to get treatment.

So our task today is to continue looking because I'm not comfortable with her detoxing with me. Did you know there's a home remedy online to detox - no way! Besides, it's not just about doing a detox - I believe counselling needs to be involved, don't you?

Have a blessed Monday,  and if …

Wig Night

My daughter's Tiffanie and Melissa attended a wig event for a charity a few weeks ago. So last night Tiffanie had a birthday dinner with the girls at Distrito's in Scottsdale and decided the theme was, wear a wig.

My daughter Kelsey and I opted out on the wig wearing, but attended the dinner.

Let's begin with the restaurant - the venue use to be called The Theodore which was beautifully decorated with a great feel. I was taken back at the decor when I entered the hotel and the restaurant - it was like being in a craft store.                                                                                                                                

The food was not traditional Mexican food, and the servings are more like samplers you would get at a tasting or at Costco. They were very slow at getting the orders out, and your order didn't come out together. For example, by the time my rice was served I had eaten my mini tacos and beans or they would of been cold... t…

Lord Clear My Mind

Power of the law of attraction... how many of you believe it?

I woke up thinking about when I was younger it always worked for me.                                                        

It was all written in the Bible - there wasn't the The Secret book out at that time; I believed and received, but now, not so much. I think it's because my mind is all over the board and I can't focus on anything too long before my mind is on all the things that I don't want to think about. Such as, one car is down and in the shop, my daughter uses my car for school and work - I need a car! The built in microwave is broken, need a new one, ( to zap my coffee) but I don't want to put money in a microwave when I need a car. Also, there's a mile long list of things that I need to do to my home - it's a money pit! How many more sweepstakes do I have to enter before I get a home makeover, and I'm still waiting for Ellen DeGeneres to send me my car.

I'm exhausted thinkin…

National No Dirty Dishes Day


Take advantage of not washing dishes today... maybe drop in on a relative for dinner and bring the paper plates.

Have a good one!

Lil' Miss Pup

This little cutie ended up spending the night last - apparently she has forgotten where she lives.

My daughter, Tiffanie was on her way to my house yesterday when she saw this pup running in the street. She stopped, opened her car door, and the pup jumped in. The kids love her, my Pitt Bull loves her, but my Pekingese hates her and would like her out of here ASAP!

Miss Pup and I walked the neighborhood last night in search of her family. We actually ended up walking with another dog walker that thought she was Abby - we walked to Abby's house, but Abby was in her backyard. So Miss Pup stayed the night in a make shift bed, (laundry basket with a satin pillow) but it's time for her to move on. I just can't add her to my to do list... these are my golden years, I'm suppose to be free, traveling the world without kids and puppies.

If anyone knows who she is and where she lives, please send me a message.

Happy Friday!

Happy Thursday!

Finally able to sit for a second at the computer, but I have to tell you there's not much going on in my head this morning that you would want to hear about.

I'm exhausted from trying to stay awake last night waiting to hear from one of my daughters that went to the emergency room, and 2 grand kids stayed the night - one decided to camp out with me, so not much rest.

 I figured I'll just share with you pictures shot by my 2 year old granddaughter that thinks she's a professional photographer. The way she catches us off guard at times I feel like she needs to apply for a position with the paparazzi. 


Grandma Vicki

I know I'm a few days late, but I hope all the mom's had an awesome Mother's Day!

I did end up relaxing by the pool while the grand kids played in the pool. Which brings me to share what I read last night.

Vicki Gunvalson off of  The Real Housewives of Orange County is expecting her first grandchild .Her daughter Briana is 4 months pregnant.

If you watch the show you know that Vicki first had the cancer scare with Briana, the elopement, and now the pregnancy. The way Vicki reacts to everything I would think she's close to being pushed over the edge, but who knows, maybe she ready to be a grandma.

Congratulations to each of them!

Personally I think Vicki needs to keep her focus on the con man Brooks Ayers that she's dating. Something about that man I do not like or trust... what's your feeling?

It's Only Days Away

I feel like I've been writing, talking, living and dreaming The Shutter Release Project forever, and now I'm looking at weeks away before it becomes a reality.

If someone were to ask me today what was the most exciting thing about working on The Shutter Release Project, I would have to say all the wonderful people I've met. I know that sounds so cliche', but it's true! To stand in a room with a group of creative people is an amazing feeling - positive energy is just bouncing off the walls. Each person has a great story of how photography became not only their dream, but their life and their passion. I love that their willing to share their love with the world to move forward in their craft.

Also, I'm excited that Yvette Adams will be performing that evening. I was at First Friday in April and was drawn to a voice that I could hear in the distance. As I walked towards the voice I saw a young girl playing the keyboard and singing - I loved it! I grabbed her flier…

National Chicken Dance Day!

Get Your Chicken Dance On! It's National Chicken Dance and Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

After watching that video I think I'll just eat chicken and biscuits... Happy Monday!

Celebrity Apprentice Final Two

SHOCKED that Aubrey O'Day was fired - didn't see that coming at all.

Arsenio and Clay's final task is to put on, host, and sell 75 tickets for a celebrity charity event. They’ll also have to perform a variety show at the event along with producing a 30-second PSA for their charity. The winner will receive $250,000 for their charity as well as the money raised from ticket sales.

Mr. Trump brought back Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Teutul Sr., Teresa Giudice  Penn Jillette, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider and Aubrey O'Day. Arsenio and Clay picked their teams like a school yard kick ball team, leaving Aubrey last to be picked.

The teams are formed, off to the task, and I'm bored. Although, Clay did send some entertainment my way when he and Debbie Gibson had their exchange of words regarding a mural for the wall that Debbie's cousin is suppose to do. And I did find it a bit amusing that Magic Johnson was standing to the side and we were looking at his profile as h…

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Mother's Day, including all the mom's in Heaven.(like my mother)                

What will I be doing on this special day? Probably the same as most days since I'm not good at sleeping in, and I never really want breakfast until around noon. So breakfast in bed is out of the question for the simple fact that I'll be out of bed long before I want food. And I'm just not good at relaxing, I love being busy!                                                                                   

So do whatever brings a smile to your face and enjoy your special day!  
"Mothers are the people who love us for no good reason. And those of us who are mothers know it's the most exquisite love of all."
         -Maggie Gallagher quotes

Dancing & Dining in the Desert

My neighbor Sue surprised with a fabulous Mother's Day gift.

Yesterday evening Sue and her daughter Diana took me to the Desert Botanical Garden to see Topia by Ballet Arizona - World Premiere by lb Anderson - Beethoven's Symphony No. 6

"Topia" is something new for Andersen and Ballet Arizona. It is a 45-minute ballet choreographed not only for outdoor performance but for a large stage, set against the Papago Buttes, where nature, Beethoven and the dancers all vie for our attention."
We dined and had cocktails enjoying the beautiful desert as we waited for Ballet Arizona to take stage.

The ballet waited until sunset to perform - beautiful performance with the mountains and cactus as their backdrop.

This performance ends…

Court Day

Late getting to my blog because I went to court to sit on the bench this morning.

I have to say I've heard better excuses from my kids. I don't know where these people come up with this stuff. Such as having arthritis in their leg so they couldn't control the speed of the car because their leg wasn't working. Can't pay the ticket because I have brain damage from a head injury, and the number 1 best excuse for me was, the reason I drove past the flashing lights and barricades is because I don't speak English.

I don't understand getting out of bed for this... just pay the damn ticket and let everyone go on with their life.

Hope you're having a happy Friday...Go shopping for Mom and make it an awesome day!

National Clean Up & Shrimp Day

May 10
National Clean Up Your Room Day & National Shrimp Day!

I honestly was thinking about cleaning my room today - now that I know that it's a National Day I'm feeling the pressure of actually getting it done.

I don't know when Clean Up Your Room originated, but I can bet money there was a mom behind it. Just talking about cleaning the words "pig stye" keep popping in my head. They were my mom's  words to use when referring to cleaning up a room, and I know I carried it on with my kids.                                

So put some pressure on your kids today and make them clean up their pig stye, and throw some shrimp their way as a reward.

 National Shrimp Day... add some shrimp to your menu tonight.

Happy Thursday!

35 Years Ago

Thirty five years ago I was put in a taxi cab - the driver was given instructions to take me to St. Josephs Hospital.

I gave birth that morning to my first child, my daughter...Happy Birthday Tiffanie!

I was 18 years old, unmarried and living with my parents. The father of my child (my husband of 35 years) was also living at home with his parents. We were two kids that were oddly thrown together, but would stay together forever.

He grew up in the foothills with the country club and I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. He told his mother that he would marry a black girl before he met me. As I've said numerous times before, I don't believe in coincidences.

I look at young parents today and I can't stand how the majority of them are self absorbed and disconnected from their child. If you're not ready to give your all into raising a child, DON'T HAVE SEX! There wasn't sex education classes when I was in school, and our parents didn't sit you down and expla…

Missing You

The closer to Mother's Day the more and more I've been thinking about my mom.

This will be the 2nd Mother's day without her. We never got together and celebrated the day, but we always spoke on the phone. It's a strange feeling not to be able to do that anymore.

I miss you so much, your laugh, your smile, your touch. You always brightened my days with all the smiles you sent my way. I need you as my angel to always be at my side. I need you as my angel to give me peace of mind. I like to think your near to me to know that you are there. Even though I can not see you, I feel that you are near. Please do not forget me mom, for you are always in my heart, my thoughts and prayers. I love you.
~By Shari M. Blom~
Happy Tuesday!

Celebrity Apprentice... Who's It Going To Be?

 Lisa Lampanelli  and Teresa Giudice fired.

I think we all knew that Teresa was going last night. I'm not really sure how she managed to last as long as she did, but last night watching her fail at negotiating with Lisa, listening to her stumble through her presentation, and watching her stumble again as she tried throwing Arsenio Hall under the bus in the boardroom was beyond ridiculous.

The task was to make a four-page print ad campaign for CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen Hair Dryer that would be featured in Elle Magazine.

Farouq Shami (Chi founder) was wearing custom made red boots with Chi on the toe - he was captivated with Aubrey and her red hair to the point of not being able to wipe his huge smile off his face. There was something unsettling to me with his flirting - for a minute I was thinking he might be Kim Zolciak's ex, Big Poppa.

Farouq's obsession with Aubrey's red hair was the reason Teresa was suppose to fight for the red hair model. Lisa knew there was a…