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Eric Winfield and his Dream

I love creative people, I love people that have a dream, I love people that work to make their vision become a reality. That is why I was quick to say yes and jump on board to help my friend Eric Winfield with The Shutter Release Project.

Eric actually shared his vision with several friends - some said yes they would help but haven't put any time or effort in this project. And there's always those that have decided that they would rather judge and try to crush his dream. I also have experienced negativity from friends that I thought would be supportive.

I am behind Eric on this project 120%, and I will fight and work hard to make his dream come true. I have given merchandise and my time for several years to help many people when I was asked. Eric has done the same with his time and his photography. Just maybe that's where we went wrong, thinking that people actually understand what reciprocation / paying forward is.
I have always lived my life by saying I'd rather try and fail then wonder what if. I know that Eric shares the same philosophy with his life. So for everyone that has already put this project on their list of failures... it doesn't matter, because all the things that you talk about doing and want to do - you should just do them. Nike says it best, JUST Do IT... that's exactly what Eric and I are doing.


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