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My Friend

As I sipped my coffee and read through my emails this morning, my mind kept slipping away to thoughts of a very good friend of mine.

We met when I moved to Phoenix in 1989. We have had one disagreement and lots of ups and downs that just happen to workout when one of us is going through a rough time the other has already been through it. How awesome is that!
A Friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of      one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the      gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth      keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.                                                                             - Arabian Proverb This is her rough time and I've already lived it. I know the feeling, the hurt, and the pain she is feeling. I know the endless prayers we say in hopes of change. I know how it feels to get through a day with a smile on our face, but have a heart that is breaking. I see the sadness in her…

Piano Time

I'm not really a bucket list person, but what thing I have always wanted to do is learn to play the piano while my fingers still work. I am excited to say that I was fortunate enough to purchase a beautiful antique piano from my neighbors that are moving out of state.

I had to put my antique couch in storage to make room for this baby, but it's well worth it to me. I have visions of us hanging out around the piano during family gatherings. In fact, my daughter Melissa has already started practicing.

"Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.  You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body."  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

                                 It's a great addition for the family and I can't wait to master it!

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."  ~Berthold Auerbach

Have a blessed weekend...Peace, love & hugs!

Live Life To Its Fullest

Everyone that knows me well is very familiar with me preaching that life is short so live it to its fullest because none of us know what the future has in store for us.

Many years ago when I was in insurance they constantly preached to us that none of us know our demise. I really started thinking about how true that was and decided I really needed to live my life. Which brought me to the conclusion that a corporate life wasn't for me, but it also made realize that we need to slow down and do the things that we love. No excuses that there isn't enough time or enough money. We need to be true to ourselves and make the time.

I didn't wake up thinking about life being short until my husband checked his work email and learned that his boss passed away this morning. He was younger than us and has a young child and a wife that he has left behind, and of course many many loved ones. It's so sad and so hard to believe at this very moment.

When you arise in the morning,
think o…

Happy Friday

It's Friday and I'm thankful and blessed to partake it.

Within the past week I have had two friends that have been diagnosed with cancer; along with having friends that are struggling with addiction, depression, and financial hardship. I know that we all know of someone that is struggling with something in their life, but if it's not our personal struggle we sometimes forget that life can be difficult for others. Life doesn't always turn out to be the journey that we have imagined, so it's understandable that it's difficult to be thankful at times. But we need to cherish each day that we're given regardless of what we're walking through - open your eyes and your heart to the little miracles that we're blessed with each day.

It took me years to get there, but even on my worst days I'm thankful for it. I only get one chance at  life and I'm going to live it by really living. For me that requires taking chances, having no regrets, sharing my s…

My Weekend

It's a beautiful Monday in Arizona!

My weekend was a little busier than usual since I typically hang out around the house. Saturday we took the camera out (courtesy of Shutterfly) and shot some pics of my T-shirts. It was fun and crazy, but I don't think we did bad for being amateur photographers. Thank goodness my 14 year old granddaughter has been reading up and watching videos on the camera.(shes saving up for one) She pretty much has mastered it so she was a good little instructor and photographer.

After the shoot we made our way downtown to CityScape to celebrate a very special birthday. My niece, Alicia French, International Assignment Editor @ and editor and creator @ was in Phoenix to celebrate turning 30! Had a fabulous night with great food and awesome people. There's nothing like relaxing on a rooftop in January - kind of makes me one to stay in Phoenix. Anyway, on Sunday it was more photos with different family; and now I…