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Last night the Real Housewives of Atlanta's Reunion aired again, so I watched the last 30 minutes of it.

What I watched was was pretty calm - they were actually allowing each other to speak. But, when Marlo Hampton took a seat on the couch it got loud and out of hand. I have to say it was pretty funny when Marlo  told Kim that she was a whore. She sounded like she was in her first kindergarten play with her one line - "you're a whore." It was over rehearsed and not delivered well. And by the way, who is she to call people names - she's been arrested more than the seven times she admits on the show.

I don't care about her sad story - her mother was abusive, on drugs, an alcoholic, she came straight from the projects, there was no father around, and we didn't walk in her shoes. My life was shitty too and guess what Marlo, I didn't slash a girls face open in a bar ( In 2005, 6 years after Marlo Hampton viciously disfigured her face, the 33 year old Florida woman left behind her son and committed suicide by jumping off of a Florida bridge) and I've never been incarcerated...It's called CHOICES. There's right and there's wrong.                                    

So as far as I'm concerned, Marlo can prance around pretending she's a socialite of Atlanta with her designer bags, shoes and clothes, but at the end of the day she is what she is and we shouldn't forget it.
Photo Credit: HSD/Splash
Marlo Hampton's First Mug Shot

My question is why is she on the show? Is that what The Housewives have become... And how do you think all of her victims and the victim's families feel?



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