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My Vintage Gown

This morning I decided I was going to spend the day organizing my Poshmark Closet. While doing so I came across a vintage dress that my good friend Anna had given me several years ago. She knew how much I loved fashion and especially vintage pieces. I remember the day that she insisted that I have it, and today I am so thankful I accepted.

This dress is a gorgeous Alicia Gown and has always been one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Recently Anna passed away - as I was steaming the gown and placing the lace down that had folded up, I was reminded of what a great and caring person Anna was. She was extremely generous and loving - I am blessed that I had 7 years of her in my life.                                                                                          
This dress I decided will not be part of my Poshmark Closet - it will remain in my personal closet in memory of my good friend.

What a strange power there is in clothing.  ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


I know it's been months since I've written so I decided to give you a quick summation of my life the past few months.

I am actively working selling my clothing, shoes, etc.on I went to Vegas last week for Poshfest 2013 which allowed me to meet the geniuses behind Poshmark and connect with women from all over the United States. I stayed at The Cosmopolitan and had a great time!      

As for my Murraytalk I took it a step further and decided to teach freestyle writing to those that have had things from their past affect their daily life. I share my writings which are in the form of poetry and they write in any form that they're comfortable with. I have found healing through my writing and I love seeing the growth and peace in others that are attending my workshops. It's baby steps in clearing the weeds out of your soul, but my soul writing has helped me tremendously over the years so it's such a blessing to see that it'…