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Another Year

It's hard to believe that another year is almost over. As a child it seemed like months took forever to end. Now as an adult the months seem to fly by.

I have learned with age that as the days and months fly by we need to embrace and cherish every minute of it. I have been blessed with a healthy and fairly easy 2013, but so many have not.
Our family has had some speed bumps on the road of life, but nothing in comparison to what others are facing. I have always said through some of my most difficult trials in life someone somewhere is going through something much worse.

We need to learn to understand our difficulties and pray for the strength to do something constructive with the pit falls in life. In saying that I know it's not always easy to do. We're so quick to focus on the negative in life and forget to look at the positive. My Soul Writing Workshops and my T-shirt line have become my positive. It's extremely rewarding to share my hurt and see others grow from it.…

Thankful and Blessed

Each morning when I wake I am always thankful to be blessed with another day. This morning when I woke I was reminded that 14 years ago I was at a stage 4 with cancer. December 2013 marks 14 years of me being cancer free.

I was at my best I thought 14 years ago. I had always been a clean eater, and at that time in my life I was spending 2-3 hours in the gym along with hiking regularly. I looked great but wasn't feeling great. I started having weird cravings for ice chips and carrots, and I was feeling tired and weak most days. But I continued life as I knew it. After months of ignoring how I was feeling I finally decided to search for a doctor. I grew up with home remedies and very little doctor visits - I am not one to have a family doctor. I decided to take the advice of a magazine that had a list of the top ten doctors in Phoenix, and was fortunate enough to get in. I struggled with the how's and the why me at the beginning. I shouldn't be sick with the healthy lifesty…


I wish I could be more consistent on blogging, but it seems that trying to fit one more thing in is close to impossible at this moment in my life.
I have to say that I am feeling very confident in the direction that I'm going. As most of you know I've been in the fashion industry for at least 40 years. I have also written poetry for over 40 years. As much as I love both I never really understood the connection. In fact, I didn't think there was one. But, many months ago I was sitting with two extremely good friends of mine, Patty Kaufman, owner of It's U Photo, and Denise Germroth, Owner of Homespun Daycare. Patty asked what I was going to do with my writings. My response was, " I guess one day get them published or just leave them for my children." The more we spoke the more I was convinced that not only did I need to work on publishing, I also needed to reach out to others that have lived difficult lives and share with them how writing can free your soul. …

My Vintage Gown

This morning I decided I was going to spend the day organizing my Poshmark Closet. While doing so I came across a vintage dress that my good friend Anna had given me several years ago. She knew how much I loved fashion and especially vintage pieces. I remember the day that she insisted that I have it, and today I am so thankful I accepted.

This dress is a gorgeous Alicia Gown and has always been one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Recently Anna passed away - as I was steaming the gown and placing the lace down that had folded up, I was reminded of what a great and caring person Anna was. She was extremely generous and loving - I am blessed that I had 7 years of her in my life.                                                                                          
This dress I decided will not be part of my Poshmark Closet - it will remain in my personal closet in memory of my good friend.

What a strange power there is in clothing.  ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


I know it's been months since I've written so I decided to give you a quick summation of my life the past few months.

I am actively working selling my clothing, shoes, etc.on I went to Vegas last week for Poshfest 2013 which allowed me to meet the geniuses behind Poshmark and connect with women from all over the United States. I stayed at The Cosmopolitan and had a great time!      

As for my Murraytalk I took it a step further and decided to teach freestyle writing to those that have had things from their past affect their daily life. I share my writings which are in the form of poetry and they write in any form that they're comfortable with. I have found healing through my writing and I love seeing the growth and peace in others that are attending my workshops. It's baby steps in clearing the weeds out of your soul, but my soul writing has helped me tremendously over the years so it's such a blessing to see that it'…

My Week

I celebrated my 36th Wedding Anniversary on May 31st. I don't know where the years went because it surely doesn't seem like 36 years.

We didn't do anything outrageous to celebrate - dinner out and cupcakes from Sprinkles and Gigis from our daughters. Also, a beautiful Bone China salad bowl and plates from my oldest daughter. It was all very thoughtful... we are truly blessed to have such giving and thoughtful children.

On Saturday June 1st we finally had the opportunity to visit our son in rehab. They only allow a 2 hour visit so of course we were there right when visitation started.
I wish I had my camera ready to capture the look on his face when he came around the corner. I hadn't seen that smile or the happiness in his eyes for several years. His skin looks good, his body is strong and healthy, and he is filled with gratitude. He talked about how for the first time in years he feels like himself again. He remembers once again who his higher power is and he thanks …
It's been awhile since I've written, but lately writing seems to be consuming my thoughts.

I guess the only reason I quit doing it on a daily basis is because my family life was slowing stealing my thought process.

I shared many times about living with an addict and how it begins to strip you of simple things...such as sleep, I wasn't falling asleep at night until he was asleep. I would sleep very light hearing every sound that came from his room. It was like having a new born in the house once again.

During his waking hours I felt like I was living as a prisoner in my own home... dead bolts on every door so he couldn't enter our bedrooms or go into the garage. We had enough of our things pawned in the past - trust hadn't been rebuilt at this point. We felt locking things up was our only option. At times I would think how sad he must feel to live in a home where you have to ask permission to use things that should just be available. I would think to myself it'…