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Day 4

I'm going to blog about Day 4 which is today. I'm starting to confuse myself by waiting to blog the following day, so you're going to get two today so I can keep it all straight.

Today Kelsey and I went to the taping of the Ricki Lake Show at Culiver Studios and Tom took the girls to The El Captain Theatre in Hollywood to see Brave. They have Disney characters interact with the audience before the show - they both had a blast.

Now for the Ricki Lake Show - I've been on plenty of sets and this was similar to being an extra but without pay.

As we waited to be lined up and seated I met two women that live in California - one that worked in the industry for years. She was telling me how the I love Lucy was filmed in the same studio that Ricky Lake is now filming in. Anyway, we talked and laughed like old friends that had met for a mini reunion.

When it was time line up they decided that they wanted to walk in by Kelsey because they always put the cute young girls in the fr…

Day 3

It was Andrew's 5th Birthday yesterday!
After breakfast we all met on the beach to celebrate Andrew's 5th Birthday(grandson) with homemade cupcakes, paddle ball, and once again lots of playing on the beach. And as usual the day ended with me dragging Makenna off the beach with her screaming. I don't think kids ever get tired of the water and the sun, but I'm already thinking of a vacation from the vacation - I'm exhausted!

 No beach tomorrow  - I'm off to the Ricki Lake Show!

Love your Tuesday!!!

Day 2

This morning the guys went fishing off the pier while some of us girls went running on the beach and some went shopping.                                                                                                                                            I love the little shops with all the cute and trendy styles - most of my shopping for my shop was done in California. My granddaughters were having the time of their life grabbing their clothes and running to the fitting room to try them on and walking out to model them like it was their private fashion show. Unfortunately, I had to shut it down due to a 2 year old and the nightmare jogging stroller.(Don't think either one were made to be in stores) The guys came home empty handed, but we managed to come home with a few bags of new clothes and false eyelashes.

We hit the beach with boogie boards, sand toys, and several dry towels in case of another electronic emergency. We actually found a nice dry spot close to the road tha…

Day 1

We had a nice drive to California yesterday.

Makenna cooperated sitting in her seat for 6 hours and we only stopped once at a rest stop.(which totally disgusted all of the girls)

I love driving down the street to the condo and seeing the view of the ocean. If you know the Murray's  you'll have a visual while reading this next line. We screamed (yes screamed) we're in Cali at the beach, going to the condo - which turned in to a song  followed by dancing and several whoo hoo's!                      

As soon as we pulled up to the condo it was a quick unload the car, throw the bags in the bedrooms, put on the swimsuits and head to the beach.

We walk across the street to the beach, put our belongings down, take a few pictures and begin playing in the water when suddenly a huge wave takes our cell phones, shoes and sand toys while splashing my camera and the ipad. We were able to catch the cell phones, dry off the camera and ipad by borrowing a dry towel from a lady that wa…
Good Morning! I'm going on a little holiday so I wanted to leave this with you for your Saturday. It's kind of strange having people living in your house while you're gone, but at least one is a relative.

As soon as I get to an area with wifi I will be blogging!
Happy Saturday!!!
I shared with you how I had my son leave my home because he's not in a good place right now. 

Yesterday he was sitting outside my home when I pulled up.  I asked him why he was here - Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful he's okay but I can't be an enabler.                                                                              

He had a couple of reasons why he popped in, but I know the real one is that he thought no one would be home and he was hoping he could get in to eat, crash, and find something to sell at a pawn shop. As horrible as that sounds it's the reality of how a drug addict operates.                                                          

I told him he couldn't stay so naturally he complained about being on the streets as he placed blame on everyone. Of course, not taking responsibility for anything is another trait of his addiction, but I felt compassion and some empathy for him so I said you can spend the night but you need to figur…
You all know how I love Reality TV. Although, it's scripted reality it's entertainment that I enjoy. If you want real reality spend a week at my house.

I got burnt out on the Housewives of.... don't care what state they're from. I'm tired of their high school mean girl personalities. It's a horrible way to portray women and it sends the wrong message to our young girls. I have never been a mean girl, didn't raise mean girls, and I'm all about women empowering each other. This is why I'm excited about Hollywood Exes - love it!

Eddie Murphy's brother pitched the idea to Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of Edidie Murphy to do a reality show on ex wives of famous men.

The cast is Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher (Will Smith’s ex), Andrea Kelly (singer R. Kelly’s ex), Jessica Canseco (baseball player Jose Canseco’s ex) and Mayte Garcia (Prince’s ex)

It's refreshing to see a group of women that support and embrace each other. There has been no cat fights and …
Okay, so yesterday I talked about how it would have been my mother's 84th birthday... aging, and not wanting to live forever.

So yesterday 5 of the 8 grandchildren were over - as they're eating lunch out of the blue Bradley(12 years old) says, " Can I have your Bob's Big Boy when you die?"
My first thought was, does he know something I don't know?

"Um, sure." I responded. Those two words was all it took for two other grandchildren to start calling dibs on my bed and everything else they apparently have been eyeing over the years. Bradley even added to his list as he walked to the sink and saw my rhinestone turtle sitting on the counter  - "Hey Grandma, can I have that too?"

I know about now you probably have a not so pretty visual of my house with Bob's Big Boy and the turtle, but each item has a specific spot that goes with the area. I have an Eclectic home -  created for those individuals who love too many styles and colored out of …
Today would be my mom's 84th birthday...I'm not sure if I want to get to that age. 
I just had a conversation with a friend about her mother who is in her 90's. I asked how she was and she said, " Not good, she's starting to give up because she feels useless.
I'm sure she does, what are you going to accomplish in your 90's?

 When you're in your 80's and 90's I'm sure most are thankful (as we all should be) for another day, but for me it's about quality of life. If I can't get out of bed and piddle around my house doing insignificant things that make me happy and feel useful - I don't want to keep living; that's just existing to me. And I know for a fact I won't be taking handful of pills to keep going. I really believe doctor's do too much to keep us alive - at least they did for my mom.

When it's my time to go I just want to go as God intended.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Party Planning

When I sat down to use my computer I noticed that I had several saved images on my desktop. As I started clicking on them it didn't take long to figure out Makenna (granddaughter) is picking cakes for her birthday.                                                                                                                                            

It's pretty much a daily routine of her sitting at the computer surfing the web for her favorite Barbie cake and the perfect water slide that she'll never have since her birthday is in December.

Here's a few - there's at least 20 more that she saved.

This girl loves birthday parties and has been planning hers since her last birthday.

The fact that she's saving images to narrow down her cake choice leads me to believe she getting serious with her planning - apparently turning 3 is a big one for her.

It is only 5 months away and planning is everything for a great party.

Happy Monday!


It's been a lot of years of waiting for my son to fix himself, and some of those years I've asked myself if he ever will.

He stopped by the beginning of the week to get his social security card and that was the last that I've seen or heard from him. Since he doesn't have a cell phone there's no way for me to get in touch with him, so I do what I always do... pray. 
I'm not sure what his "rock bottom" is that everyone says he needs to hit, but I'm praying it happens soon so his lifestyle doesn't become his life. 
So for now it's waiting, praying, and living - what else is there? I can't let his behavior consume my life or steal my joy - there's no guarantees in life, so I have to live and love life to its fullest while I still can.
"As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll f…
I met with Eric last night at Lux to work on The Shutter Release Project II.

First of all, I had the best tacos and chocolate cake at Lux. It really is a fun and relaxing place to hang out.

As for The Shutter Release, we got a lot accomplished - it's going to be a great event!

On the way home I stopped at a Walgreen's in a seedy area - I was approached by a well dressed homeless lady. She asked me for money to eat so I offered to take her to McDonald's across the street.

She said, " I can't go there because they're racist against homeless people." She then said to me, " I know I don't look homeless, but just because you're homeless doesn't mean you have to look poor."

I kept walking to my car trying to end the conversation, but she wasn't going to have it. She was too close for comfort - in my bubble. I finally pulled out a dollar that was in the bottom of my purse and handed it to her. She said, " Is t…