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Promotion Day!

I had a Great morning attending my granddaughters eighth grade promotion. She looked gorgeous as usual and was displaying her million dollar smile as always. We are all so proud of her accomplishments thus far.

Unfortunately, I have a couple of annoying things that took place that I feel the need to get off my chest. The promotion took place in the gymnasium so it was tight seating to say the least. I was fine with the woman that brought her stadium seat with the pouch on the back that forced me to sit sideways, and I tolerated the two very young children that kicked me in the head and arm during the entire promotion. But, the family of these little blessings had party favors that they continued to blow in my ears as they screamed non stop to a child that I'm almost positive couldn't hear them. Along with the screaming one of the women managed to kick the flowers I brought for my granddaughter each time she blew her horn. I decided to take action by asking the woman in the sta…

Do You Value Yourself


I spent yesterday with my dear friend helping her organize her mother in laws house as we prepare for an estate sale. We had a great day laughing and talking about life as we added to our piles of her mother in laws life. Once the piles were in order and the truck filled, we were able to sit down for lunch. Our conversation this time was about her mother who has been hanging on in hospice since December. But why, we questioned. This woman was an activist, a humanitarian, always a fighter for human rights. She was tired though and had stated months before that she wanted to go home. We both had our own scenario of why she was hanging on, but both of us had no real understanding of why. It's a riddle that we will never know the answer to.  I believe that's the way God wants it, so I just walk in faith and accept that.

Later that evening I received a text from my friend saying that hospice called and they didn't think her mother was going to make it. I responded with I'm…

Piles in Life

My dear friend lost her mother in law a few months ago. I met up with her last weekend to help her clean out her house so it can be put up for sale. First of all, I fell in love with the house from the moment I pulled up. I could feel the energy that this home held, from family gatherings to neighbors passing by. It's the kind of house that you want to drink coffee on the front porch in the morning sitting on one of the rockers, and drink lemonade in the afternoon on the porch swing. It has all the charm of country living even though you're in the city. I fell in love with it!

As we started going through items in her bedroom and bathroom creating a pile for Goodwill, one for an estate sale, a trash pile, and a take home stack, I started thinking this is what the end of our life is really like. There's family members that are forced to make decisions on what to dispose of and what to keep. All of the things that you worked for and love go in one of the piles upon your demi…

I'm Back!

When I sayI'm backthe next thing that pops into my head is, that's why they call me Slim Shady, but on a serious note, I'm back to blogging. Girl say hallelujah! Okay, enough of all the lyrics in my head.

The reason that I quit blogging for a bit is because life happened. I was taking care of my granddaughter and a newborn grandson. I was still dealing with the ups and downs of having an addict in my home, and fighting battles that weren't really mine to fight. There was still a lot going on and plenty to say in the Murraytalk world, but my inner Murray had to stop and listen for awhile. I needed time to pray, meditate, and reflect on my life. I'm a fixer, and I knew that I needed to stop trying to fix. Things may not be the way I want, but everyone is walking their own journey and all I can do is pray that they're safe, and that they learn the lessons along the way. So I  changed my priorities and worked on what was best for me - I owed it to myself.

During m…