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I'm beyond exhausted this morning and have a crap load of things to accomplish before my 2 year old granddaughter comes at 7:30 - my life pretty much ends after that.

I have a photo shoot at my house today with Makenna (2 year old) which I already know is gong to be a challenge. Also, I'm working like a crazy woman on The Shutter Release Project. You know all the work involved in putting on an event. And as for the rest of my day, it will consist of me living up to my Domestic Diva duties.

So you remember last week I went to a class reunion that wasn't mine but my cover was blown before I got inside - fun time!  Okay, so Saturday I'm going to bartend at a wedding reception. This wouldn't be a big deal, but I've never bartended in my life and I really don't have a steady hand, so I'll let you know how this one goes.

Have a fabulous Friday!


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You're Beautiful

Never feel that you're not good enough or that you have to live up to an image that's created by others. We can't allow ourselves to buy into the lies that are placed upon us through society, family, and friends.Yes, friends and family are on the list. Sometimes the people that we love damage our self-esteem and break our spirit. Remember our mind cannot differentiate what is truth and what is a lie - the lies will become your truth. The truth is you're a custom design created by God...You are beautiful!

I wanted to share this awesome song by Candice Glover because I love the message. Music has always been a huge part of my life. In fact, for many years it was my salvation.

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