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My Week

I celebrated my 36th Wedding Anniversary on May 31st. I don't know where the years went because it surely doesn't seem like 36 years.

We didn't do anything outrageous to celebrate - dinner out and cupcakes from Sprinkles and Gigis from our daughters. Also, a beautiful Bone China salad bowl and plates from my oldest daughter. It was all very thoughtful... we are truly blessed to have such giving and thoughtful children.

On Saturday June 1st we finally had the opportunity to visit our son in rehab. They only allow a 2 hour visit so of course we were there right when visitation started.
I wish I had my camera ready to capture the look on his face when he came around the corner. I hadn't seen that smile or the happiness in his eyes for several years. His skin looks good, his body is strong and healthy, and he is filled with gratitude. He talked about how for the first time in years he feels like himself again. He remembers once again who his higher power is and he thanks …