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Seriously, Ma'am?

I was thumbing through the paper last night and came across the Blondie comic strip. Blondie was offended that a young man called her MA'AM. She said to her husband Dagwood, "Honestly! Do I Look Like A MA'AM To You?"

I remember having that same reaction in my late 20's when the cashier in his early 20's said, thank you Ma'am as he handed me my receipt. I was in shock! When did I become a Ma'am - that was my mom, not me!

Why are we so offended - it is polite and proper, but "Miss" is a more youthful term, so for me "miss" to "ma'am" was a direct indication that I was no longer 18.

If you haven't been hit by the Ma'am bomb yet, be prepared because it's coming. For those of us that have already been hit - there's no going back, so just embrace it and smile.

Do you think that's why Safeway reads your name on your receipt before thanking you?

Happy Wednesday!!!


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