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New Gig

Carolyn Murray
On our way to bartend... no, I don't have a party hat on
Last night I went as a bartender to a wedding reception, which was my first experience with bartending. I went with my daughter Melissa(ex-bartender) and my daughter Kelsey.

I was a bit apprehensive about this gig, but it turned out to be a fun night with great music, good food, and way too much alcohol.

I really don't know how people bartend for a living though. First of all, trying to hear with the DJ  blaring music was a challenge. At one time I thought a guy asked for a quarter, but he said water, and another person I thought asked for Tupac. Then you have the ones that just set their cup on the bar and look at you. I looked back just as intense and said, "what, do you want a drink?" I'm all about using your words. When he said yes, he also expected me to remember what he was drinking. He said,"you don't remember?" I wouldn't ask what you wanted if I remembered... there's a 150 people drinking, NO, I don't remember!

I ended up grabbing a barstool, started drinking with the wedding party, and got on the dance floor and did the Cupid Shuffle with them. As for the rest of the crew... Kelsey wasn't cut out for this gig either - she was sitting and yawning by 10 p.m. A guy leaned over to me and said, "she's in the wrong business, don't you think?" Of course, Melissa was the champion bartender that worked her butt off mixing and pouring drinks like a crazy woman. It's because of her that we walked away with a $197.00 in tips. Cheers to Melissa!!!

So I was thinking since its been 2 weekends of experiencing something new, maybe I should just try something new each week.

I have a friend that made the decision this year to meet a new person each week - we're not getting any younger, so why not get out of your comfort zone and experience something different in life.

Make it a great Sunday!


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