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People In My Life

As I was cleaning today I started reflecting on people that have crossed my path over the years. Some I'm still in touch with while others I have no idea where they are. I'll take partial responsibility for losing contact, because if you're full of drama and trying to act like someone you're not...I'm out!  Although I love watching the drama and all the fakeness on reality TV - don't want it in my life. But, whatever the reason is, I still have the memories.

I read a book a few years ago, When God Winks at You, by Squire Rushnell. This book shares short stories of events in life with everyday and famous people. Some people call these little events a coincidence; While others may think it's predestined - I personally don't believe in coincidences.

The people that I currently have in my life accept me for who I am without judgement. I'm a very simple, spiritual and real person. I'm not pretentious, I speak my mind, and I'm truthful. I'm no…

Sunday Fun Day

Having eight grandchildren we decided this year to take the older ones out for lunch or dinner for their birthdays. With the busy world that we live in it's difficult to sit and have a one on one...good opportunity to take a look at what's happening in their world.

Our grandson Daniel turned 7 on Friday. He had the honor of experiencing the first outing with us on Sunday.

We picked him up and drove to hop on the Metro Light Rail. Like any other public transit system you come across a diverse group of people, which I love. Daniel sat quietly observing his surroundings as he watched people getting on and off. Our destination was the Arizona Center to eat at Brick Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar - Daniel's food request was pizza or Chinese food.

Once we were off the Light Rail we had to walk approximately 3 blocks. It was a quiet day in downtown Phoenix as we walked the streets pointing out buildings to Daniel. I was tellin…


Yesterday we did a quick road trip to Tucson to visit my son...he is currently living with my sister and brother in law.

 The trip started out okay...Kelsey brought homework to work on, I brought a book and a sick two year old,( Makenna) and Tom drove. Here we are flying down the freeway listening to our jams with Makenna's arms raised in the air while squealing wee like she's on a roller coaster ride, as we drive over the ramp. Then Tom  say's, "There goes one of our hubcaps... there goes another one.            
I'm hoping this isn't a sign that this is going to be a bad road trip. Seriously, we're only driving 130 miles. But shortly after the hubcaps flew off Makenna's Tylenol wore off. She wants to get out of her seat so she slips both arms out of the straps as she begins throwing everything in reach while screaming No! Yup, this is definitely the road trip from Hell. Why do I do this to myself? I knew I should of brought my wine purse packed with…

Urine Anyone?

Urine must be in high demand these days... has anyone asked for yours?  It happened to me yesterday when a 30 year old friend of mine called to ask if she could use some of mine. My first response was, "I just peed." Secondly I said. "Can't they tell the difference in urine of a 52 year old menopausal woman and a 30 year old?" I don't know how this stuff works. As she laughed hysterically she decided I probably wasn't the best candidate. So she called a mutual friend in her 30's that was out walking in my neighborhood and would be passing by my house. Like any good friend out for their morning walk, she stopped by to pee in a huge freezer ziplock bag. (only because I was out of sandwich bags) Anyway, the urine is sitting outside ready to be picked up when I hear the doorbell. In comes my friend with the bag of urine to throw it in my microwave. Being the germaphobe that I am, I'm thinking there's not enough bleach or cleansers that will ever…
Some of my pics that I thought I'd share. I'm a photo junkie so this is just the beginning of many to come. They're not in any order... just random family shots. I know that I love looking at other people's photos... hope you do too! Have a blessed Friday!