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                     Yesterday was a day of food, kids, and yes, The Almighty Water Slide!

 It was a birthday party for my niece and I think everyone had a good time. The kids all played together well, the food was good, the adults were able to catch up and no injuries.

Okay, on to my next subject.

Joan Rivers says you should have 4 topics to be able to discuss at a dinner party. Well, it wasn't a dinner party but six of us were sitting around talking last night when Gloria Vanderbilt's name came up. I was thinking, now this is a subject I know... my daughter says, "Who is she?" Perfect I'm thinking, so I say, "She's a socialite and fashion designer known for her designer jeans, and the mother of Anderson Cooper."

"What? I didn't know that, really Anderson Cooper?" is the chatter around the room. You know what happens next... everyone grabs their phones to google. I hear someone say, " Did you know Anderson Cooper is gay?"

"What!  I shout, are you sure?"  How did I not know this - I love him!" (I still love him) Now everyone is showing me pictures of him with his boyfriend - I guess if they got it off google it's true, right?                            

I wanted Kelsey (my daughter) to marry him since I'm happily married and too old for him. She fell in love with him for before she even knew of my plan. I still remember like it was yesterday her walking in my room and saying, " Who is that cute gray haired man - I'd marry him." She had caught a glimpse of him on Regis and Kelly.                                                                                              

Anyway, how did I not know this? I'm serious, I thought I knew everything about him. (as much as you can know about a person that you really don't know) The fact that he loves The Housewives of Atlanta and is a fan of NeNe Lakes still never made me question his sexuality, and I still have to wonder since most of the article's that I saw are unconfirmed gossip.                                        

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Annie Leibovitz, 2006Vanity Fair


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