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Jaden's Outing

Studio Movie Grill is where we took Jaden for his day with us.

We knew he'd have fun ordering lunch and being served like he was in a restaurant as he watched the movie, and he did!

We decided to see Men In Black 3 with Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. I have to say I was shocked at how old Tommy Lee Jones looked. I don't watch movies often so I guess I lost a few years of seeing him. The movie was great like the past two Men In Black - it held Jaden's attention and got a few laughs out of him.

As for the Studio Movie Grill - the service was good, but the food was just okay to me. Jaden liked his pizza and Tom liked his steak sandwich. I ordered a chicken sandwich that wasn't bad, it's just that I'm not a meat lover so it has to be cooked like jerky for me - it was too juicy for my liking. But, the fries were amazing!

Jaden loved the movie, the theater and the food - another success! He couldn't wait to share his experience with his sister and brother when he got home. My son said he was excited about how they served you instead of waiting in line to buy your drink and popcorn. I'm curious how the popcorn is - we were so full with our lunch we didn't order popcorn or the chocolate molten cake I wanted to try. Oh time!

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