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Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me, but not a busy day where I felt as if I accomplished things - it felt chaotic.

I started out the morning washing my car (that I never get to drive) with the help of Madison and Makenna.

I met with my friend Arlene after the car wash at AJ's for coffee, which I needed desperately. I have some mountains that I'm climbing right now and at times it seems like I'm never going to get to the top - it's nice having an adult conversation with a good friend and neutral party.

I still wasn't sure where my son was and if he was really okay. Thankfully someone tagged him in photos on facebook yesterday - I was able to get a glimpse of what he was doing and where he was. It seemed as if I had just showed Arlene the picture off of my phone and he called - he came home yesterday evening.
Makenna and I just happened to be outside when my husband was driving up to our house. Makenna looked and saw her daddy sitting in the passenger seat - all I can say is that it was a priceless moment. She screamed, "my daddy!" as her little legs went running out the courtyard to greet him. They ran into each others arms like a movie in slow motion. As he swooped her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck it was ear to ear smiles from the two of them. Thank God for bringing him home safely.


It was quick hugs welcoming Michael home and off to my grandson's recital. He was awesome of course with all the right moves. Way to go Brad!

Michael coming home and watching Bradley dance allowed me to focus on the precious moments that I was blessed with and forget about all the obstacles in my way - I'm thankful for that.

I promised Father's Day ideas - here's a couple of recipes. More to come tomorrow!

Dad's Best Pork Chops Recipe

Refrigerator Lime Cheesecake

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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