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Dinner And Off With The Wig

Tom & Carolyn @ Kona Grill
Our Anniversary dinner ended up being at Kona Grill. If you follow me on facebook you know that I was looking for a place that served Sea Bass. I received some great suggestions but was told Kona Grill had bread pudding(favorite of mine)so that's how we made our decision. The food was great, but bread pudding was no longer on the menu so we shared a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream which they gave to us for being married for 35 years. I was extremely happy and thankful that dinner was good - prior to that my day was a pain in the ass, so nice to have a happy ending.

Home from dinner and I couldn't wait for Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding to come on. I'm a big fan of Kim Zolciak and she's a big fan of wigs.

Bravo has been playing up Kim's wig wearing since the Housewives of Atlanta and carried it on to her show.   I know I'm not the only fan that has wondered what's under the wig - short hair, long hair or no hair. Well last night we got the big reveal of Kim without the wig. You have to love the way the producers led up to her taking it off . It was a bit like Snow White with the Wicked Witch looking in the mirror talking, except you're looking at Kim's gorgeous face in a round mirror talking about taking her wig off instead of asking who's the fairest of them all. As she continues talking in the mirror you see her hand reach to the top of her head, slowly pull off the wig and she tosses it on a chair - now it's like watching a strip tease, and of course there's a commercial before you see the goodies. I didn't want to leave my seat because I was afraid I'd miss the big reveal.

Kim Zolciak  Bravo TV Photo
It's back on! Now you're looking at Kim's boots and shots of her from the waist down as she's walking to show stylist Derek J her hair, which he claims he hasn't seen in a year.

I have to say it wasn't what I expected to see under the wig, but I love her real hair, and as for Bravo TV - Bravo on keeping me glued to my seat.


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