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Only 13 Days Away

What's your plan for Father's Day?

My husband and I talked to my son yesterday on what to do on Father's Day. We came up with two options - rent a couple of cabana's at the resort by my house and hang out for the day, or boat on the lake for the day. Personally, I think the resort by the house will be the most relaxing option, but the lake might be more fun.

I looked up some gift ideas that I thought were unique and fun - June 17th will be here before you know it so you better start thinking.

Joystick-It   Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision.

Backyard Bocce

Beer and Pretzel Caramels

Microphone Speaker
 The mini speaker plugs into an iPhone or iPod and can rock on for up to four hours long. 

Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

What do you think of those ideas? Make some whiskey as you rock out to your favorite tunes from your microphone speaker. (my 2 favorites) Although I'm really tempted to order Backyard Bocce since I've never played. We use to love playing horseshoes so this might be a fun replacement. Anyway, I'll throw in a couple of ideas and Father's Day recipe's each day up until the big day.

Happy Monday - Smile!


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