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It's Friday!

I'm happy it's Friday - anyone with me?                                                                                            

Had a week of trying to get rid of unneeded and unused items, getting the pup groomed, looking at old photos, (so much for organizing) working on the venue for the next Shutter Release Project, working on my stuff for my business, and Makenna!

The girls come home from camp today and from the pictures that the camp posted it looks like they had fun. Can't wait to see them and hear all of the camp stories.

I just found out yesterday that my grandson started a food blog on Instagram  - I love it! He takes photos of all his meals and has a one liner comment along with rating the meal. I'm going to have to get an iphone or ipad to follow him. His last blog around 10pm last night was a bowl of apple jacks. He said, "No reason,  Don't hate." and rated it 1.0 - it sucked. Funny stuff!

Have a great Friday - my day is going to consist of my first attempt of building a website, getting a consultation on my hair for locs, hunting for a graphic artist, and Makenna!


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The Number 40

My husband and I have been planning a renewal wedding for our 40th Anniversary in 2017.
As we threw around a few ideas over lunch, the number 40 stuck in my mind - that's a lot of years!

I started thinking about how much growth we've had since starting this union at 18 years of age.
I thought could I give 40 tips for a successful marriage if asked, probably not, but here is a list of 40 things about our marriage that keeps us going.

1. We established roles at the beginning of our marriage. It's not that we don't help each other out, but he does things like the yard, trash, the cars, and I do the inside stuff such as cooking, laundry, and keeping the house neat and tidy. Honestly, I don't remember discussing these designated roles, but we've always done it and it's worked for us.

2. We agree to disagree which is typically accomplished by changing the subject or silence.

3. We laugh at each other. I probably more at him, but we both find humor in each other.