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Happy Birthday Allie & Brad

Today two of my grandchildren, the twins are 13 years old... Happy Birthday Allie and Brad!

It's hard to believe that I have grandchildren that are teenagers. They're great kids - focused in school, busy with their extra curricular activities, and a great big sister and brother. 

It doesn't seem like that many years have passed. I still have great memories of them as new borns - they were the perfect snuggling size. As they grew Brad still wanted me to sit and hold him all day, and I did. I asked Tiffanie how she got anything done holding him.                                                          She said, " I don't hold him all day." But I still did. I spent most of my time with Allie pulling vegetables out of her nose. Great times - loved every minute!

We've had a lot of great times growing up together, and I hope to have many more as they venture into their new world of being a teen.

I'm so glad you were born - you brighten my life and fill it with joy... Happy 13th!


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