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My Son

I've been so busy thinking about my father in law I forgot to share with you how good my son is doing.

We had some problems when we were in California - he was tired of sleeping at the park or in my courtyard and wanted to come home. I left it up to my daughter since she was staying at my house while we were away.                                                                                                                      She allowed him to stay a couple of nights but he was still being difficult and hanging out with the same people - I really wasn't sure what I would be coming home to. I kept praying that being homeless would be his rock bottom and we would get our son back.

He had a couple of rocky days when we returned and it was difficult to not make him leave, but I felt that his Aha moment was near. He had a small taste of what it was like to live on the streets and have no one. He was beginning to have some clarity in regards to the people he hung out with. He finally realized that the people he partied with were just that - people to party with. They didn't care if he was homeless or hungry.

We got through the few rocky days and so far he's been off drugs, hasn't been associating with anyone but family and has stepped up in helping me with the house while Tom's away. He has also been great with Makenna and is finally becoming a father.

The other night he came in my room and said, " It's weird, I don't even feel like drinking or doing any of that stuff. "                                                                                                                         I told him my prayers have been answered - He immediately got his cute little grin on on his face.                              

It's great to see him smile again, but I'm not done praying!

Have a beautiful Thursday!


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