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Coming Home

After a few conversations and a lot of prayers my father in law is coming home.

My husband decided that he would take care of him through his last day. I'm so happy that the family made the decision to do this for him - I kept thinking how helpless, alone and scared he must feel.

After talking to the nurse yesterday she said he probably has 1-2 weeks before he leaves us. Naturally we will all miss him. But for a man that has always been active up until a few weeks ago, being confined to a bed has to feel like death. I know it would for me.

So this weekend will be family coming to visit and saying their goodbyes. As for me, I haven't decided if I want to see him a last time. I have such a great memory of when I saw him a few weeks ago - I think that's the memory I want to keep. 

Have an awesome Wednesday... love life!


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