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I went to bed thinking of my husband with his father.                                                                                

This morning when we talked he said, "This is tough, but you know." It is tough, but the reward of being by a loved one's side before they go on their journey to Heaven is a beautiful thing. I know his experience is harder because his father is in pain, but God gives us the strength to do hard things.

I still have the memory of my sisters and I by my mother's bed feeding her ice chips, holding her hand, talking to her and praying for her. For me, that time allowed me to have real moments with my sister's and my mother.

Tom has been sitting by his side talking to him and holding his hand as he responds with moaning and grunting. I know how frustrating it is to not understand what they're trying to tell you. My mother had a look in her eyes that expressed the words that wouldn't come out. Her last words to us was, " No pain." Those two words was all I needed.                                                                                                  

Last night when Tom told his father that he was leaving and would see him in the morning he expected a moan or no response, but he got, "Goodbye Tom."                                                                                   I love that not only did he respond, but he knew that Tom had been by his side... priceless!

Have a blessed Friday!


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