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Memories and Moments

  In psychology, memory is an organism's ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences.
Carolyn Murray
As I was dusting today I did some reflecting on some of the pictures of family that I have displayed through out the house. I'm a bit over the top when it come to photos - possibly because I really only have school pictures of me when I was young, or it's when I got my first camera as a kid I immediately became hooked. Regardless, it's a passion of mine. When I shoot a picture I love hands because they tell the story of your life, and the eyes tell me their true feelings. I see sadness, fear, happiness, loneliness... their true emotion. The way I look at it is anyone can smile at the camera, but that isn't necessarily the true essence of who and where they are at that moment. We had a horrible tragedy that took place in the family last year to a young child. As they showed the slide show of his short life I kept looking at his eyes in each picture and could see the sadness in the last shots of him before the tragedy. As months passed and people were comfortable talking about his death, I said to my daughter in law, "He was so sad at the end. Almost like he knew he was leaving. " She had noticed it also."How we see things outside us depends on how things are inside us" 
I picked up a picture of my mother teaching her how to do a peace sign when she was in the hospital. When I look at that picture I even remember the dialogue that took place that day. My three daughters were also in the room and we all laughed as I instructed her on how to place her fingers so they symbolized peace. It wasn't the best venue, but it left us with a great memory that brings a smile to our face and makes me laugh out loud. She was never a picture person so if she saw the camera most shots were with her hand in front of her face like the paparazzi was following her, but she was happy to let me shoot away in the hospital. I feel like that was her gift to us. I was shooting pictures of her shortly before they moved her to hospice... hours before her death. These photos have left great memories for me that will carry on to my children and grandchildren. "Love Your Parents . We are so busy growing up,we often forget they are also growing old."                                                                                                                             

Carolyn Murray
 I cherish the memories that my photos bring me... they allow me to escape the busy world we live in and put life on hold for a few minutes.


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