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Last night The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale was on. It was Pandora's wedding... daughter of Lisa VanderPump. I guess watching the planning and prep for this wedding had my expectations too high. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful and elegant as we would expect from Lisa, but the show really didn't satisfy my craving for what they had been teasing me with. My disappointment continued with the women getting together at Kyle Richards home to end the season. I expected more conversation with Taylor Armstrong since she had been laying low since the tragedy of Russell. Kyle's house would have been the suitable place for her to bring her therapist and have a sit down with the ladies versus the grand opening of Sur. Also, more of Adrienne Maloof's shoe line would have been nice to see since she packed a few for the evening, and where was Brandi Glanville?  Let's just say that the finale didn't leave me wanting more, but I'm still a huge fan of these women. I find them to be a group of friends that speak the truth, empower and support each other... hope they're planning for a next season!

When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.
- Adrienne Rich


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