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Missing You

The closer to Mother's Day the more and more I've been thinking about my mom.

This will be the 2nd Mother's day without her. We never got together and celebrated the day, but we always spoke on the phone. It's a strange feeling not to be able to do that anymore.

My Mom

I miss you so much,
your laugh, your smile, your touch.
You always brightened my days
with all the smiles you sent my way.
I need you as my angel
to always be at my side.
I need you as my angel
to give me peace of mind.
I like to think your near to me
to know that you are there.
Even though I can not see you,
I feel that you are near.
Please do not forget me mom,
for you are always in my heart,
my thoughts and prayers.
I love you.

~By Shari M. Blom~

Happy Tuesday!


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