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National Clean Up & Shrimp Day

May 10
National Clean Up Your Room Day & National Shrimp Day!

I honestly was thinking about cleaning my room today - now that I know that it's a National Day I'm feeling the pressure of actually getting it done.

I don't know when Clean Up Your Room originated, but I can bet money there was a mom behind it. Just talking about cleaning the words "pig stye" keep popping in my head. They were my mom's  words to use when referring to cleaning up a room, and I know I carried it on with my kids.                                

So put some pressure on your kids today and make them clean up their pig stye, and throw some shrimp their way as a reward.

 National Shrimp Day... add some shrimp to your menu tonight.

Shrimp Bruschetta
Shrimp Cucumber Cups

Happy Thursday!


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