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35 Years Ago

Thirty five years ago I was put in a taxi cab - the driver was given instructions to take me to St. Josephs Hospital.
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I gave birth that morning to my first child, my daughter...Happy Birthday Tiffanie!

I was 18 years old, unmarried and living with my parents. The father of my child (my husband of 35 years) was also living at home with his parents. We were two kids that were oddly thrown together, but would stay together forever.

He grew up in the foothills with the country club and I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. He told his mother that he would marry a black girl before he met me. As I've said numerous times before, I don't believe in coincidences.

I look at young parents today and I can't stand how the majority of them are self absorbed and disconnected from their child. If you're not ready to give your all into raising a child, DON'T HAVE SEX! There wasn't sex education classes when I was in school, and our parents didn't sit you down and explain anything about sex. Today, you know how to get pregnant and how not to get pregnant, so don't if you can't handle the responsibility.

We were 18 and broke, but worked our ass off to provide for our daughter. We may of missed a meal, but our daughter never did. We didn't shop for ourselves most days, but our daughter always had the necessities needed. I gave up continuing my education and opportunities that were once in a life time because my child was my priority. We may not of had the newest car, the biggest home or tons of money in the bank, but we had unconditional love, so everything else was unimportant, and still is today.

My life isn't about things, it's about people. My family and my friends are my life, and I thank God daily for blessing me with each one of them.

So here's to Tiffanie - 35 years ago my life changed forever. The minute I saw that little body and those dark eyes staring back at me, I knew what love was.


  1. This is simply beautiful, and so are both of you!
    Happy Birthday Tiffanie! You did a great job, Carolyn and Tom!


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