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Celebrity Apprentice... Who's It Going To Be?

 Lisa Lampanelli  and Teresa Giudice fired.

I think we all knew that Teresa was going last night. I'm not really sure how she managed to last as long as she did, but last night watching her fail at negotiating with Lisa, listening to her stumble through her presentation, and watching her stumble again as she tried throwing Arsenio Hall under the bus in the boardroom was beyond ridiculous.

The task was to make a four-page print ad campaign for CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen Hair Dryer that would be featured in Elle Magazine.

Farouq Shami (Chi founder) was wearing custom made red boots with Chi on the toe - he was captivated with Aubrey and her red hair to the point of not being able to wipe his huge smile off his face. There was something unsettling to me with his flirting - for a minute I was thinking he might be Kim Zolciak's ex, Big Poppa.

Farouq's obsession with Aubrey's red hair was the reason Teresa was suppose to fight for the red hair model. Lisa knew there was a reason they wanted that particular model the minute Teresa opened her mouth - so she played with Teresa's head and won.                                                

After Teresa not doing her job in getting all the models they agreed on - Aubrey had to fix the situation. She called in some models along with deciding to be one of the hair models. You could tell Aubrey was loving every minute of  being shot for Chi. "I'm so good as a hair model. My talent is undeniable. My hair is just so fierce," says Aubrey.  I have to admit, she looked great!

What it came to down to was that Teresa was over her head as the task manager, Aubrey as usual had to create and pitch, and Arsenio works, but he's just there going with the flow. Lisa and Clay worked well together with no cat fights, and surprisingly won the task. Personally I liked the other teams ad.

Aresenio Hall, Aubrey O'Day, Lisa Lampanelli and Clay Aikin, the final four barely had time to celebrate their victory when they were called back in the boardroom to be told that John Rich and Marlee Matlin would be  interviewing each of them, and someone would be fired.

It was hard to predict who would go by watching them be drilled, but at the end it was Lisa because she was too emotional in the boardroom.

My guess is Aubrey and Arsenio will be the last two standing. What do you think?
Teresa Guidice, Aubrey O'Day and Arsenio Hall on "The Celebrity Apprentice," May 6, 2012.
 (Credit: NBC)


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