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Catch Up & Mother's Day

Happy Sunday!

Today is my catch up day from running around the past two days.

Not sure where to begin on my to do 2 year old granddaughter spent the night Friday so Saturday after taking her shopping for a new swimsuit, beach towel and heels (plastic dress up heels) for the surprise party, we came home to building a castle(unsuccessfully) for her Barbie's.

What I want to do today before the clean up of make believe from Makenna is work on my mother's day projects. I'll post the pictures after the day just in case my girls are reading my blog. (which I doubt)

I can show you the dessert and breakfast that we're doing for Mother's Day...can't wait!

As for our meal we'll eat midday and grill hot dogs, chicken and turkey burgers - make 3 different salads and have some cocktails - of course, wine! I found this margarita recipe that I'm intrigued by, so might just give it try.

Time to get to work...enjoy your Sunday!


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