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Stay Prayed Up

This afternoon while I was trying not to focus on the dentist extracting four teeth I decided it was a good time to get lost in  prayer. It led me to thinking about my family and how much change has transpired since last year.

We hit a lot of speed bumps last year, but so far so good. Although things are going smoothly today I know that I need to stay prayed up. I never get comfortable with life where I knock prayer off my to do list. There's always something or someone that wants to create havoc in your life. You need to put on your Armour of God, stay faithful, and pray diligently. There will always be temptations, struggles, and distractions that cross our paths - be ready for battle at all times.

Life has made everyone fall at some point, but the key is getting back up. Stay strong!

Peace, love & hugs!


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