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I'm excited for my workshop on the 29th. It's so nice to sit and share without fear of judgement from others. It's the fear of what other might think of our life that keep many of us stuck. I felt as if we formed a sisterhood at our last workshop. There were tears shed, laughter shared, and support for each other. Like the song says, "We all need someone to lean on."

We begin with an oath stating that everything said is confidential.  Second, we place some boundaries. We all have our own imaginary hula hoop which no one is allowed to climb into. It's our personal space. This keeps everyone respectful of each other.

The upcoming workshop will be on loving ourselves. I'm not talking about loving yourself in an egotistical way. I'm talking about learning your identity and loving yourself for who you are.
It sounds easy enough, but this is a huge struggle for most people.

My workshops are open to teens, men and women. I am giving a free Murraytalk T-shirt if you bring a friend...Hope to see you!

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself -  Steve 

Peace, Love & Hugs!


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The Number 40

My husband and I have been planning a renewal wedding for our 40th Anniversary in 2017.
As we threw around a few ideas over lunch, the number 40 stuck in my mind - that's a lot of years!

I started thinking about how much growth we've had since starting this union at 18 years of age.
I thought could I give 40 tips for a successful marriage if asked, probably not, but here is a list of 40 things about our marriage that keeps us going.

1. We established roles at the beginning of our marriage. It's not that we don't help each other out, but he does things like the yard, trash, the cars, and I do the inside stuff such as cooking, laundry, and keeping the house neat and tidy. Honestly, I don't remember discussing these designated roles, but we've always done it and it's worked for us.

2. We agree to disagree which is typically accomplished by changing the subject or silence.

3. We laugh at each other. I probably more at him, but we both find humor in each other.