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Preachers Daughters

I found a lifetime show as I was flipping channels called Preachers Daughters. I have to say I was quite surprised. I guess I had a false perception of what this show would be about. I assumed because they're preachers kids that this show would highlight them as young women working towards being the pillar of society. Not so! These girls are doing things like getting tattoos, smoking pot and partying hard. I don't really understand why they have a show. There's so many young girls that are doing great things in the world - where's their show?

I get that they're typical teenagers experimenting and acting out like some (most) teens do, but do we need a show about it? If a God loving family and a father as a preacher has lost authority over their kids, is there much hope for the rest of us? That was my thought as I sat watching.

I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren so I'm well aware that children are all individuals with their own personalities, but respect for your parents is just respect. It doesn't matter what their personality is. My kids weren't perfect, but respect is something that was enforced in my home. I didn't see any of that with these families.

Maybe I watched it on a wrong day and I'm not really giving them a chance. But personally I think it's time for a new show with respectful teenagers working towards a better tomorrow.                                              

Not to be rude but these girls have had their little taste of fame, and I'm sure people recognize them now in their hometown. NEXT!

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners” 
― Laurence Sterne


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