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Yesterday evening my daughter was meeting someone at a Circle K to purchase a phone for one of her employees.

As she was waiting she was approached by a gentleman asking if she had any spare change. She gave him change and went a step further asking him what put him on the streets.

Here's what she posted on facebook after their conversation.

After reading this last night I couldn't quit thinking about Chris and how he has accepted being an alcoholic. I don't know his story so maybe he had some fight in him before he decided to make the streets his home. I just can't imagine not fighting for my life. My daughter asked him if he wanted to be sober and his response was, "Nah, I'm good - not every battle ends in victory."  Maybe that's true, but I would rather say I fought hard but at this moment I feel like I'm losing the battle - I just don't think I have any fight left in me. That I can understand because we all hit a low and sometimes want to give up on fighting our demons. Lets face it - it's hard work and it can be exhausting. I would like to hope Chris was just having a bad day.

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.
-Winston Churchill

I also don't believe anyone chooses that life as Chris stated. I think you become a victim to the substance and it makes you believe the lies. No one deserves to live on the streets. This is a man that invested in his education / invested in himself - there obviously was a time that he believed in himself.                                  

I know that Chris isn't going to read this, but I prayed for him after I read my daughter's post last night, and I will continue to pray for him and all the others that feel they've lost the fight.



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