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Lovely Logics

I thought 7 Lovely Logics is a great way to start off the week. If you apply these 7 simple logics to your life daily you will be amazed at the growth and change in yourself.

1.We all know that the past is the past and we need to learn from it and let it go. We can't have it haunt us and keep us hostage - break the chains of your past and start living and loving life.

2. It really isn't our business what others think of us. Everyone will have an opinion and not everyone is going to like us. That's a fact of life. Live a life of purpose, be kind, loving, giving, and the best you that you can possibly be. If it feels good in your soul and it's pleasing to God... that's all that really matters.

3. Everything in life takes time, but with letting go of the past and loving yourself healing follows. Healing is a process - it's not a quick and easy fix. Time, patience, diligence, and faith lead to healing.

4. This is true...We are responsible for our happiness. It's called choice - you can choose to work towards happy or stay stuck and be miserable. Hopefully you'll make the choice to forgive and find peace with yourself and be happy!

5. You really don't know what others have experienced in their journey. I was a great actress growing up - no one would of ever guessed what my life was really like.

6. Over thinking will get you every time. It will grab ahold of you and bring out any and every insecurity that's  been laying dormant in your head. You really don't need to know all the answers. Live in the moment and be happy!

7.Smiling is not only good for you and your soul it also helps others. It's actually quite contagious, but make sure it's a genuine can spot a fake a mile away. A genuine smile makes you feel good and creates a feeling of happiness.

8. I'm adding a #8 because I also think you need a quiet time everyday to meditate. For me it's reading a bible verse - find something positive and uplifting that brings you peace.

Peace, love & hugs


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