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Are You Hanging Out With Chickens

Have you noticed that positive thinking people tend to be happier and are always trying something new? They have the self-confidence within themselves to try new things. No negativity holding them back. They're the go getters of our society and nothing seems to get them down.

How many times do you see negative thinking people going that extra mile? In my experience if you push them they'll go that mile, but they're going to complain through the entire process and probably after as well. In fact, complaining and blaming is usually their thing. I have to say my father didn't fit the norm of the negative thinker. He was a successful entrepreneur so he obviously went the extra mile without someone pushing him, but he complained from the time he got out of bed and it didn't stop until he was sleeping. He made sure that everyone around him was as miserable as he was.

I honestly don't think people are negative all the time. I think there must be some positive thoughts that cross their mind, they just don't focus on them. But for some people positive thinking just comes naturally. I'm happy to say that I am now one of those people. I use to pick out a negative in every situation, and I didn't believe people were truly happy since no one was happy in my camp. I was clucking instead of flying.

One thing I learned is that surrounding your self with positive thinking people can benefit you immensely. When I changed my circle I changed my life. Unfortunately sometimes that circle includes family.You have to make a decision on what's important to you and your life.We have complete control over our own happiness. Do you want to be a healthy, happy, positive person, or do you just want to go with the flow and be miserable? You only get one chance at life - you deserve a happy one!

Quit clucking and start soaring!

Peace, Love & Hugs!

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny." -Bob Marley


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