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Party Time!

My husband and I always do a party for our birthdays. My birthday was in February and his is in March, so this year since it's our 55 I thought it would be fun to do a joint dinner party on March 1st.

I planned at least a month ago...made reservations, printed invitations of us doing the oh so popular selfies, and I found a fabulous vintage dress which goes with the theme of the venue - The Duce.

I heard rumors of rain at the beginning of the week, which I felt is kind of a problem since we have to pick up our food from a food truck outside and eat in a warehouse that has no heating. Should I cancel or go on with the party was my thought. I decided we can do it since the temp is suppose to be 66 and they will bring out space heaters per request. But, on Tuesday I somehow hurt the ball of my foot and could barely put pressure on am I going to walk in heels - better yet, how am I going to dance??? Again, my thought was should I cancel, but thankfully my good friend Denise had a prescription cream to relieve pain and I was healed! Thursday I get my braces on and eating makes me want to puke. How do young kids do it? I have been living off of soup...still works for the party because I really don't need to eat there, and I lost 3 pounds! I figure I can have some broth before I leave home.                                                                                        
Well, today is Party Day and my husband is in bed sick, it's raining, and I feel like I'm going to faint from being on the model diet. (no offense to models) The party must go on so I will be there smiling with my brace face, not wearing my fabulous vintage dress, and dancing the night away. (if I don't faint)

Happy Saturday!


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